Roman Shepel

Roman Shepel

London, United Kingdom


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Roman is a dedicated professional.

Recommended for Acting Jul 7, 2020

professional,easy to work with,fun to be with a nd friendly

Recommended for Casting Dec 8, 2018

Dedicated, great look and a gent to boot.

Recommended for Acting Mar 27, 2018

Looks good..and very prfessional

Recommended for Extras Mar 14, 2018

I recently met and worked with Roman as an extra. He is a quiet man, perfectly turned out, polite, gentlemanly and professional. Reliable, excellent time-keeping and very pleasant to chat to. I would recommend Roman as an extra.

Recommended for Extras Mar 3, 2018

Very talented. Highly recommend

Recommended for Acting Mar 1, 2018

Roman vibrant, driven and has the right look. He's Friendly and professional with great personality. He's highly recommended!

Recommended for Acting Jan 16, 2018

Great expression, amazing profile!

Recommended for Acting Jan 15, 2018

Wonderful to work with. Highly professional and a genuine nice person. Highly recommend

Recommended for Acting Dec 9, 2017

Great energy, friendly & professional! Seems to be the perfect asset for any project.

Recommended for Acting Nov 8, 2017

Very friendly and professional, highly recommended.

Recommended for Acting Nov 4, 2017

Great profile well driven.....

Recommended for Acting Nov 4, 2017

Very professional, fantastic profile!

Recommended for Casting Nov 3, 2017

Focused, professional and a great character! Recommended

Recommended for Acting Nov 3, 2017

great guy

Recommended for Acting Oct 22, 2017

Thank you for the recommendation. All the best.

Recommended for Acting Oct 21, 2017

An excellent addition to any professional set!

Recommended for Acting Jun 30, 2017

A friendly and approachable guy. I'm sure Roman S would be a credit to any casting professional. Highly recommended!

Recommended for Acting Jun 27, 2017

Really nice and professional person, I highly recommend him.

Recommended for Acting Jun 18, 2017

Roman has the right look and attitude for this industry. I wish him every success.

Recommended for Acting Jun 15, 2017