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Norwich, United Kingdom
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Physical Attributes

167 cm / 5ft 6in
68 kg / 149 lbs
White / Caucasian
93 cm / 37 in
Skin color:
78 cm / 31 in
101 cm / 40 in
Dress size:
UK 12 / AUS 12 / US 8
Eye color:
Hair color:
Hair length:
Hair type:

Credits & experience

  • Rumours by Neil Simon : Cookie
  • The Royals. TV series : Posh guest at Fashion show and in 'Buckingham Palace'
  • Respect Network : Commercial, Lady using phone.
  • The Detectorists. Film. dir. McKenzie Crook : Pub Quizzer
  • 45 Years. Film with Charlotte Rampling and Sir Tom Courtney : Party Guest and Dancer
  • Humble Boy by Charlotte Jones : Mercy Lott
  • First Production of Handel's Messiah for USA TV : Audience Member
  • Student Film The Time Capsule : Grandma
  • Pleasurewood Hills : Scary Story Teller, The Millener. 4 shows/day for 7 days
  • AtmosFear Scream School : Scare Actor Training
  • The Weekend by Michael Palin : Bridget
  • Student Film. Green County : The Mayor's Wife
  • Student Film. On My Own : Headmistress
  • I'm Still Here. Film. Dir. Kris Smith : Receptionist
  • Waiting for Rose. Film. : Lady on bus and in an Old Peoples' home
  • The Forsyte Saga : Aunt Hester
  • Ghost, Please : Author, Director, and Actor (Olivia)
  • Rookery Nook : Gertrude
  • Dead Guilty : Margaret Hadrell
  • Cymbeline : Helen
  • Present from the Past : Frances
  • Dracula : Narrator, Vampire, Cockney Charactor
  • Gaslight : Bella
  • Up and Running : Kate
  • Theatre Royal Drama Courses : Drama, script analysis, improvisation
  • The White Cliffs : Mrs Murdoch
  • Farndale Avenue : Mrs Reece
  • Ski Whizz : Cecily Laycock
  • The Sound of Murder : Anne Norbury
  • Private Lives : Amanda
  • Relatively Speaking : Claire
  • Recipe for Murder : Claire
  • Don't Dress for Dinner : Suzanne
  • Cinderella : Ugly Sister
  • A Christmas Carol : Mrs Cratchit
  • Bedside Manners : Helen
  • The Emperor's New Clothes : The Empress
  • Caught in the Act, Film : Extra -Accordion Player (I don't actually play this instrument)
  • Jack & the Beanstalk : Fairy
  • Cinderella : Baroness Cruella de Vile
  • Murder in Play : Christina
  • Falling off a Log : Mother
  • Police Training Films : Acted as a victim of street crime, shot on location
  • Dick Whittington : Fairy Tinkle & Avocado ( Slave Girl)
  • A Tomb with a View : Monica (one of the leading roles)


Acting experience

Previous paid speaking roles

  • English

  • UK English

I have over 20 yrs experience in acting on the stage and In The Round - supporting and main roles in comedy, mystery, thriller, emotional and panto ( often playing many roles!) My favourite roles are Amanda in Noel Coward's 'Private Lives', and Bella in 'Gaslight'. I have had formal training in Acting / Improvisation / Theatre Workshops. I have also taken the AtmosFear Scream School training.This has led to professional roles on stage and screen.
I have had some experience in photographic work - which led to parts in Police Training Videos on Location, and other training videos. I am comfortable with the camera coming in for very close shots. I have also done some Horror videos - including a recent promo for Sick Productions Gravesend Horror Maze for Halloween. I've been an Extra for Screen productions. I also have live TV experience
Helena in ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’
Monica in ‘A Tomb with a View’ by Norman Robbins
Fairy Tinkle and Avocado in ‘Dick Whittington’ by John Morley
Mother in ‘Falling Off a Log’ by Georgina Reid
The Fairy in ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’ by Norman Robbins
Christina in ‘Murder in Play’ by Simon Brett
Baroness Cruella de Vile in ‘Cinderella’
The Empress in ‘The Emperor’s New Clothes’
Helen in ‘Bedside Manners’ by Derek Benfield
Ugly Sister in ‘Cinderella’
Mrs Cratchit in ‘A Christmas Carol’ by Charles Dickens
Mrs Pearce in ‘Confusions’ by Alan Ayckbourn
The Wife in ‘Bedside Manners’
Claire in ‘Recipe for Murder’ by J.D.Robins
Sheila in ‘Relatively Speaking’ by Alan Ayckbourn
Amanda in ‘Private Lives’ by Noel Coward
Anne Norbury in ‘The Sound of Murder’ by William Fairchild
Cecily Lacock in ‘Ski Whizz’ by Richard Ingham
Mrs Reece in ‘The Farndale Ave. Murder Mystery’ by David McGillivray & Walter Zerlin
Mrs Murdoch in ‘The White Cliffs’ by Bettine Manktelow
Kate in Up and Running by Derek Benfield
Bella in ‘Gaslight’ by Patrick Hamilton
Vampire, Narrator and a Cockney Character in Dracula by Godber & Thornton (Sewell Barn)
Frances in Present from the Past by Richard Everett
Helen in Cymbeline (Sewell Barn)
Margaret Haddrell in Dead Guilty by Richard Harris
Gertrude in Rookery Nook by Ben Travers (Sewell Barn)
Olivia in ‘Ghost, please’ by Rosalind Mace
Hester in ‘The Forsyte Saga’ by Pat & Derek Hoddinott (Great Hall Players)
Bridget in 'The Weekend' by Michael Palin (Great Hall Players)
19th Century Scary Story teller at Pleasurewood Hills
Mercy Lott in Humble Boy by Charlotte Jones (Maddermarket Theatre)
Cookie in Rumours by Neil Simon (Great Hall Players)

Police training Videos
‘Caught in the Act’ – Midsummer Films. Dir. Mark Greenstreet
Selling and Promotion Videos
Waiting for Rose
5 Student films
Handel's Messiah for American TV
I'm Still Here. Dir. Kris Smith
45 Years with Charlotte Rampling & Sir Tom Courtney.
The Z-Listers sequel. Dir Kris Smith
The Detectorists with Mackenzie Crook.
The Royals with Liz Hurley

Live TV
‘The Time, The Place.’ Cont.

Formal Courses
One year Professional Training in Drama Improvisation & Theatre Skills.
AtmosFEAR Scream school.


Extras experience

Previous speaking roles


Modeling experience

Beginner, starting out

I've had some experience with in-store modelling (including Harrods, Knightsbridge). I have had some experience in photographic work - which led to paid parts in Police Training Videos on Location, and other training videos. I am comfortable with the camera coming in for very close shots. I have also done some Horror videos - including a recent promo for Sick Productions Gravesend Horror Maze for Halloween. I have a lot of Professional screen and stage experience too.
I spent some years presenting to large audiences in Medicine, and doing exhibitions. I have also demonstrated in Creative Colour Analysis, skincare and make-up. I am happy to do my own make-up if there is no Artist available, and I can bring a variety of wigs / clothing / accessories with me if required.

TV & Reality

I took part in several editions of 'The Time, The Place on Anglia TV.


Dancing ability


Dance styles
  • Ballroom


TV presenter experience

No previous TV presenter experience

  • English

  • UK English

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