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Rob Cummings Commercials

Rob Cummings commercial voicereel, recorded at VoiceOver Soho in late 2015

01Rob Cummings Commercials
02Rob Cummings Corporate
03Rob Cummings Documentaries
04Fly Me To The Moon Sample

Physical Attributes

198 cm / 6ft 6in
102 kg / 224 lbs
White / Caucasian
101 cm / 40 in
Skin color:
Eye color:
Hair color:
Hair length:
Hair type:

Credits & experience

  • Coopers Company and Coborn


Acting experience

Previous paid speaking roles

  • English

  • UK English


2016, Father, Homeward Bound, Prospective Pictures, Rupert Rixon & Nathaniel Francis
2015, Abanaza, Aladdin, Wicked Productions, Rob Rawles
2015, Male Lead, Mobile Academy, OMG Media, Neil Garrett
2015, Businessman, Innocent Smoothies - Make Fruit Easy Commercial, The Wagon, Natalie Monroe
2015, The Groom, Fiveways Hire Commercial, OMG Media, Neil Garrett
2015, Long John Silver, Treasure Island, Wicked Productions, Tom Swift
2015, Footballer, Hertz Car Hire Commercial, Last Village, Matthew Cooper
2015, Dad, Portsmouth Tourism Commercial, Global Fire Productions, Mark Rose
2015, Josh, The Hamburg Stag, Manning Media, Gary Wright
2015, Geoff, London music video, Reks87, Totem Films, Rhiannon Barker
2015, Rob, Untitled Pilot, Chalkboard TV, Mike Benson
2015, Frank, Painless, MoJo Films, David Abramsky
2015, John, Swapsies, MoJo Films, David Abramsky
2015, Virtual Mannequin, Anti-Smoking Campaign, NHS, Russell Greenfield
2015, Dracula, ICE Exhibition, Playson, Nikki Friend
2015, DI Ryan Harris, Hound, Totem Films, Simba Masaku
2014, Captain Hook/Mr. Darling, Peter Pan, Wicked Productions, Tom Swift
2014, Barry Tavern, No Place Like Holmes, Rosskfoad, Ross K Foad
2014, Dad, Here She Is, Big Button, Simon Crofts
2014, John, Heinz Turn Up The Taste, Just A Little Productions, Dario Attanazio/Dominik Danielewicz
2014, Student/Entreprenuer, E-Learning Pitch Training, Climate-KIC, Simon Crofts
2014, Rodney Trotter, Only Fools & Three Courses, Comedy Dining, Sue McCormick
2014, Lurch, The Addams Family, Comedy Dining, Sue McCormick
2014, Jez Manning, Extreme Sleepover, Captiv8 Studios, Katie Hastings
2014, Pirate Bill, Groombridge Summer Events, Captiv8 Events, Tom Swift
2014, The Mexican, Treasure Hunt, Organise Events, James Coakes
2014, Lead, English Up!, English Club TV, Olga Ocheretyana
2014, Presenter, Spot on the Map, English Club TV, Olga Ocheretyana
2014, Various, Sound Of Comedy, Sound Of Comedy, Nicholas Tsang
2014, Dr. Scott Kelly, Nerf Zombie Blaster Product Launch, Apocalypse Events, Katie Hastings
2013, Rob, I See Dead People, Duped TV, Eidolon Chase
2013, Dennis, Bunker 51 Zombie S.W.A.T., Apocalypse Events, Katie Hastings
2013, Dick Stroker, Ruth Watson Means Business, RDF Television, Josh Good
2013, Martin, Robbin' Mummy Jesus, Real Life Productions, Simba Masaku (pre-production)
2013, Nathan, Sacrifice, Next Wave Motion Pictures, Ryan Claffey
2013, Edward Hoof, I Am Tim, Redshirt Films, Jamie McKeller
2012, Santa Claus, Centre m:k Santa's Grotto, Mark Foot
2012, Dennis, Bunker 51 Zombie S.W.A.T., Kernow Scare Attractions, Darren Garraghan
2012, Alex, The Tenant, Real Life Productions, Oliver Kausaur
2012, Dave Graham, Project: Fear, GNG Entertainment, Gary Crompton
2012, Rob Carter, Fright Club, RDF Television, Jon Richards
2012, Rob Cummings, Revolution, Shine TV, Neil Strawson
2011-Present, Leonard Devlin, The Ghost Bus, The Ghost Bus Tours, Peter Davis
2008-2011, Various, The London Dungeon, Merlin Entertainments, Richard Quincey
2011, Mummy, I Am Tim: Not So Fresh Meat, Redshirt Films, Jamie McKeller
2011, Edward Hoof, I Am Tim: Richard vs The Sheeple, Redshirt Films, Jamie McKeller
2011, Tunnel Creature, Bunker 13, GNG Entertainments, Gary Crompton
2011, The Carpenter, Killers: Live, GNG Entertainments, Gary Crompton
2010, Grue, I Am Tim: Romance Is Deadified, Redshirt Films, Jamie McKeller
2010, Various, The York Dungeon, Merlin Entertainments, Daniel Millward
2009, Mr. Jenkins, Cabarnet Phasmatis, Ta-Da Theatre Company, Rose Cleaver-Emons
2009, Oscar Knight, Oscar Knight’s Dinner, Capital Murder, John Musguin
2008, Dean, TBC, BBC, Grant Black


Extras experience

Previous speaking roles


Modeling experience

Beginner, starting out

I have no modelling experience


Vocal ability

Lead singer

Vocal range


Singing styles
  • Pop
  • Rock

Favourite genres
  • Rock
  • Metal
  • Jazz

Influences: Frank Sinatra, Michael Buble, Oasis, The Darkness, Led Zeppelin, The Beatles

I am a very competent singer, I sing in a swing style, influences are Frank Sinatra, Michael Buble and Dean Martin.

Aside from this, I front a heavy rock band called Don Chino. I joined the band in January 2014 and we are in the process of writing material and putting together a set with the aim of playing our first gig within the next few months

TV & Reality

2014, Contestant, The Chase, ITV Studios, Director Unknown
2012, Rob Carter, Fright Club, RDF Television, Jon Richards
2012, Alex, The Tenant, Real Life Productions, Oliver Kausaur
2012, Fake Contestant, Revolution, Shine TV, Director Unknown
2012, Contestant, Pointless, Remarkable Television, Director Unknown
2011, Fake Contestant, Stars In A Spin, ITV, Terri Hughes
2011, Ladies Man, Kezia Noble Promo,, Kezia Noble
2011, Tunnel Creature, Bunker 13 Promo, GNG Entertainments, Gary Crompton
2011, Main Role, Episodes 2.1, 2.2, I Am Tim Series 2, Jamie Simcox
2010, Grue, Weekend Engruesiast, I Am Tim Series 1, Jamie Simcox
2009, Viking, York Dungeon Promo, Merlin Entertainments, Ellie Cowley
2009, Torturer, This Week, ITN, Ellie Cowley
2009, Contestant, Sell Me The Answer, Sky1, Director Unknown
2009, Clerk, John Barrowman’s Tonight’s The Night, Merlin Entertainments, Ellie Cowley
2008, Dean, TBC, BBC Website, Grant Black
2008, Contestant, Who Dares Wins, 12 Yard, Director Unknown

Please note, where it says 'Fake Contestant', I have been hired as an actor to portray a contestant in order to test pilot gameshows. Where it says 'Contestant', I have genuinely been a contestant on the show!


  • English

  • UK English

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