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Queensland, Australia
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01Good Life sample V.O.

Physical Attributes

182 cm / 6ft 0in
82 kg / 180 lbs
White / Caucasian
106 cm / 42 in
Skin color:
91 cm / 36 in
Eye color:
Hair color:
Hair length:
Hair type:

Credits & experience

  • Nuclear Thunder - Short Film : Crimson
  • Attack of the Cat People - Feature Film : Narrator
  • Ladies Night National Tour - Jally Entertainment : Graham
  • Oh My Godz - TV Pilot : God of Death
  • Myall Creek by Big Movie Company Brad Diebert : White Settler
  • Adams Crossing Short Film - Michael Telford - Post Production : Tom
  • Hunting Magazine Photoshoot - Steve Graafmans : Hunter/Outback Man
  • Remarkable Short Film - Dir Kim Lodington : Mr Johnson
  • 'Crystal Ball' Short Film by James Wild : Chris Teller
  • North Harbour Real Estate Development TVC : Hero Dad
  • Thor - Ragnarok : Various Roles
  • Wish - The Devils Own Musical (World Premier 2017) : James
  • Hoges (Paul Hogan Mini Series) Seven Network : Supporting Role
  • Third Annual Gold Coast Renaissance Faire : Theatre Coordinator
  • Third Annual Gold Coast Renaissance Faire : Solomon Kane
  • Greater Banks TVC : Local Bloke
  • Eat South Banks Dood Food Web Campaign : Weekend with mates enjoying Dood Food around South Bank
  • Shred - X Web Commercial Bear Marketing : as Shred - X Employee
  • Jally Entertainments National Tour of 'Ladies Night' Directed by Alli Pope : as Graham
  • SeaWorld Resort Stills Campaign : Husband/Father/Corporate Cocktail
  • Izuzu National TVC : Fitness Instructor
  • S1 Ep 11 Hitstroke FM Airing Virgin Australia : Evil Caller
  • S1 Ep 10 Hitstroke FM Airing Virgin Australia : Federal Opposition Leader Bill Shorten
  • 'Pacific Theater' Feature Film with Pott Street Pictures. (Post Production) : U.S. Marine Corp Nathan Docker 15MEU
  • BCF Christmas TVC : Holiday Man/Fisherman
  • Nickelodeon Seaworld Stills Campaign : Father
  • Becky Shaw - Drill Hall Theatre Company : Andrew Porter
  • La Boite Theatre Company : Acting Masterclass
  • Mark Travis International Directing Workshops : Stand In Actor for Directors
  • 1000 Words : Narrator
  • Gallipoli - A Manual of Trench Warfare Touring Nationally : Corporal Macinerny
  • Twin Towns Photo Shoot - Top Notch Productions : Guy in sports bar
  • The Sunnybank Stakeout : Sergeant Johnson (Lead Role)
  • Unmasked Monologues Web Series : Carl (Lead Deception)
  • Destination Tweed Cover Shoot : Couple wine tasting at the races
  • Unspoken Demons : Ashley Griffiths (Lead Role)
  • Gary Worsfield (Darth Vadar/Peter Pan) : Sword Fighting/Fencing Training
  • No Place Called Home - Short Film : Damien - Mafia Hitman
  • Subway TVC - Smokey Beef BBQ : Tradie 100%
  • Cyrano De Bergerac (Nash Theatre Company) : Le Bret
  • The Better Man : Featured Extra
  • San Andreas : Featured Extra
  • Replay Group - Scenario Sessions : Actor
  • Nitro Circus : Random Actor/Circus
  • Gareth Harris/Hugh Parker : The actors objective
  • The Long Goodbye : Featured Extra
  • Gareth Harris/Hugh Parker : Into the Monologue
  • Club Med Theatre 1 Year : Various Roles in a variety of shows performing 6 nights a week.
  • Club Med Theatre : Various Roles in a variety of shows performing 6 nights a week.
  • Go Aish Safari : Production Crew/Organizer


Acting experience

Previous paid speaking roles

Acting agent

Who Artists

  • English

  • Australian
  • UK English
  • USA California
  • USA New York

***Peter Rasmussen Acting Masterclass*** 2017

***La Boite Acting Masterclass with Lucas Stibbard, Michael Futcher, Helen Howard*** 2015

***Mark Travis Technique - Stand In Actor for his workshops in Brisbane (The Interrogation Process)*** 2015

***Mark Piper Film & TV Academy (Neighbors, Water Rats) - The Complete Actor*** 2013 - 2015

***Gareth Harris & Hugh Parker - The Actors Objective, Into the Monologue, Imrov, The Characters Perspective*** 2013 - 2014

QLD & NSW Theatrical Fire Arms Safety Certificate
Rebekah O'Sullivan - Acting Coach/Voice Intensive
Alex Hernandez - Japanese Sword Training/Katana fight Choreography
Gary Worsfield - Sword Fighting/Fencing/Stunt training


Attack of the Cat People - Narrator - Feature Film - Black Cat Film Productions
Ladies Night Australian Tour - Graham - Jally Entertainment
Nuclear Thunder - Crimson - Short Film
The Dealer - Lead Role - Short Film with 2Take Film Productions


Oh My Godz TV Pilot - God of Death - The Big Movie Company - Brad/Tania Diebert
Myall Creek Feature Film - White Settler - Big Movie Company - Brad/Tania Diebert
Adams Crossing Short Feature - Tom - Michael Telford/Chris Simms


North Harbour Real Estate TVC - Father
Remarkable - by Kim Lodington playing Mr Johnson (Remi Winner WorldFest Houston 2018)
Vespertine - New York Businessman by James King
Crystal Ball - Chris Teller by James King


Thor - Ragnarok Marvel Entertainment Director Taika Watiti as Multiple Roles
Renaissance Faire as Solomon Kane,Theatre Coordiantor and Media Representative
Jally Entertainments National Tour of 'Ladies Night' as Graham
Eat South Bank - Dood Food Web Campaign - TheStoryBoxes
Greater Banks TVC - featured extra
Izuzu TVC - Fitness Intructor
Shred - X Web Commercial with Bear Marketing - Shred - X Employee


Coles Fresh TVC Speaking Role - Lunch with Curtis Stone and Family
'The Music Box' Short Film by Adrienne Watt as Frankie
Pott Street Pictures Feature Film 'Pacific Theater' as Nathan Docker U.S. Marine Corp
Mark Travis Workshop - Stand In Actor teaching the Interrogation Process
Becky Shaw - as Andrew Porter with Drill Hall Theatre Company
Jally Entertainments 2015 National Tour of Gallipoli - A Manual of Trench Warfare
Role - Corporal Macinerny
1000 Words - The Narrator (Lead Role/Voice Over in Studio for Narration)
Various Featured Extras, Bit Parts for TVC's

The Sunnybank Stakeout - Sergeant Johnson (Lead Role) - Film
Unmasked Monologues - Carl (Lead Deception) Web Series
The Kuaima - Roberto Antonio (Lead Role) -Film
Unspoken Demons - Ashley Griffiths (Lead Role) - Film
No Place Called Home - Damien Wiseman (Lead Role) - Film
Cyrano De Bererac - Hugo Le Bret (Lead Role) (Nash Theatre Company)
Subway National TVC 100% (
Nitro Circus - Random Actor
The Replay Group - Scenario Sessions Actor
San Andreas (Village Roadshow)- Support Role

The Better Man - Support Role
The Long Goodbye (Inbetweeners Movie Village Roadshow) - Support Role

Club Med Theatre Whitsundays - 2 1/2 Years 6 Shows a week.
Lead Role - Chali Chaya
Black Minion - Aramaic (Cirque Du Soliel)
Lead/Dancer - Movie Factory, Water Show, Through the Decades, Pirates of Penzance (Aristocrat turned pirate), Copacabana, Michael Jackson Tribute Show, Hippest Hop, Brazilian Dance, Dance through the Ages, Peter Pan, Broadway, Mystica & More..


Extras experience

Previous speaking roles


Modeling experience

Part-time model - paid commercial work

Seaworld Resort Hotel and Conference Centre Web Stills - Village Roadshow David Paull
Nickelodeon Land Seaworld - Dad - Village Roadshow Greg Kearns
Cover Shot - Destination Tweed Magazine
Twin Towns Sports Bar Photo Shoot - 2014
Chalk Hotels Sexiest Man Competition
Club Med fashion show case 2007 & 2010 - 2011
Victoria Park Melbourne Cup Fashion Show


Dancing ability


3 Years of dance on Stage with choreographers from all over the world in various styles of dance. I have experience in Can Can, Latin, Ball Room, Waltz, Bollywood Style, Michael Jackson tribute show back up dance, hip hop, swing, line dancing, ballet, Singing/Dancing and even bollywood.


  • English

  • Australian
  • UK English
  • USA California
  • USA New York

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