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"Dawn". Piano piece from the movie "Pride and Prejudice" played alive with an electric keyboard in a


  • Argentine- German Educational Institution Juan Gutenberg : Music Professor
  • Musical School IDRA : Piano Professor


Bass Guitar ability


Drumming ability


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Favourite genres
  • Pop
  • Jazz
  • Classical

Influences: Phill Collins, Sting, Edith Piaf, Frank Sinatra, Music Of Films, Classic, Etc.

Sara Astrid Ayala- Professional Pianist.

Born in the city of Mar del Plata, there she studied at the Conservatoire "Luis Gianneo", earning the title of Professor of Music - Piano.
From 2001 to 2009 she studied piano with Master Antonio De Raco, addressing in depth the technical and interpretive work in her training as a pianist.
From her beginning as a performer, she played in different theatres of Agentina: Colón Theatre of Mar del Plata, Roberto Payró Theatre, Museum Castagnino, Villa Victoria Ocampo, main hall of the National University of Law in Mar del Plata and Buenos Aires.
In 2001 he took courses in chamber music with Master Jordi Mora. That same year, with the Master Antonio De Raco she participated by the obtention of a scolarship, in the fourth course, and international competition for Piano, "What is not visible in Musical Performance" organized by the Foundation "The Sound and the Time International ", being a finalist for obtaining a scholarship in Italy, and participating in the closing concert of the same course, held at the National Music Conservatory" Carlos Lopez Buchardo "in the city of Buenos Aires.
In 2009 she participated as a performer through a scholarship in the masterclass by Karin Lechner pianist held in the auditorium of Gilardo Gilardi Conservatory of Music in the city of La Plata, earning excellent reviews by the pianist.
Since 2001 she performs as repertoire pianist with different choral groups and she continues increasing her experience and development as a solo pianist.
She introduced herself as a piano soloist in Germany in the region of Rheinland Pfalz ("Festsaal im Haus Beda," Bitburg, "Kloster der Konzertsaal - Karthaus," "Klassik Konzert im Haus im Kleterhaus Le Gallais, Kanzem") getting excellent reviews.
Worth noting her work as a piano / music teacher in various educational institutions in the city of Mar del Plata. She started to teach, in 2007, at the Association of German Speaking Cultural Institute "Johannes Gutenberg" where she continuos teaching music, having founded the children choir of the institution, in which she participates as a director, pianist and vocal trainer

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