Saundra FitzGerald

Saundra FitzGerald

South-West Region, Ireland


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Saundra worked with me on a short film and brought the character to life in a way I hadn't imagined. She is very focused, very professional and was 100% committed to bringing the absolute best to the film. I can't recommend her enough and would work with her again in a heartbeat. Saundra will go far with her talent and solid work ethic. Diarmuid Doran, director.

Recommended for Acting Apr 14, 2020

Saundra is a gifted actress, could not recommend her highly enough, would work with her again if I had the chance

Recommended for Acting Apr 26, 2019

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Very easy to work with.. totally dedicated.. extremely talented.. true pleasure to work with

Recommended for Acting Nov 11, 2018

Saundra was great to work with. She was always fully prepared and professional, and we are delighted with her scene in our film. She arrived on set, ready to go, and delivered her lines flawlessly. We were all really impressed and grateful since it happened to be such a hectic time in our production schedule.

Recommended for Acting Sep 14, 2018