Scott Forrest

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Aberdeen, United Kingdom
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182 cm / 6ft 0in
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White / Caucasian
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Credits & experience

  • Green Beers 'Sometimes, You Gotta Lose' : Director, Editor - music video
  • Complex : Director, Co-Writer, Producer - short film.
  • GutterGodz 'You and I' : Director - music video
  • Dark Edge: Edge of Darkness : Director, Writer, Producer, Editor - short film
  • Ryan Wyness 'Comatose' : Director - music video
  • Jack Skye 'Hold Back The River' (A cappella James Bay cover) : Director - music video
  • Deadly Ground : Director, Co-writer, Co-Producer, Editor.
  • Ryan Wyness 'Zugzwang' : Director - music video
  • Terry Bling and Princyboii 'Flow Switch' : Director - music video
  • Go.Star.Fall. 'Me and My Seaside Car' : Director - music video
  • Ryan Wyness 'Sweetness' : Director - music video
  • Ryan Wyness 'How Do Ugly Guys Get Hot Chicks' : Director - music video
  • The Duel - short film : Director
  • Xnthia : 1st Assistant Director
  • One Year Later : 1st Assistant Director
  • Ryan Wyness 'Black Metal Girlfriend' : Director - music video
  • Bloodline : Co-writer, 1st Assistant Director.
  • Cloud Atlas : Director of Vox Pops (montage material)
  • Repatriation : Director, Co-Writer, Co-Producer.
  • Skillset Screen Academy : MA Film
  • Rut (student film). : Director, Editor.
  • The Duel (student film). : Writer, Director, Producer, Editor.
  • Who Dares Wins (multimedia). : Producer, Actor.
  • Silver Streets (amateur film). : Writer, Director, Producer, Editor, Actor.
  • Metal Gear: Solid Storm (student film). : Writer, Director, Producer, Editor, Actor.
  • Dark Edge (amateur film). : Writer, Director, Producer, Editor, Actor.
  • Gray's School of Art : BA (Hons) Photographic & Electronic Media


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Film & Stage Crew

I have been making films for 9 years. I have a Masters Degree in film from Napier University and spent five years working freelance in Glasgow and London. I have directed three short films: Deadly Ground was screened as part of the 2015 Aberdeen Film Festival, Dark Edge: Edge of Darkness and Complex are in Post-Production.

I'm currently based in Aberdeen.

I have worked on many music videos and directed six, with another three currently planned.

My strengths lie in directing, but I also co-write and have experience in producing, editing sound recording and camera operating. I have been trained in nearly every role of a film crew at film school and use this knowledge to be a better director; by understanding the process of each member of crew.

In my own creative work I take inspiration from a wide range of sources, from film-makers to painters and currently I'm really getting into the work of David Lynch and Stanley Kubrick. My approach to writing and directing has changed over the course of making my short film noir; Deadly Ground.

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