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Auckland, New Zealand
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Sean Voice Reel

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Physical Attributes

190 cm / 6ft 3in
100 kg / 220 lbs
White / Caucasian
111 cm / 44 in
Skin color:
104 cm / 41 in
Eye color:
Hair color:
Hair length:
Hair type:

Credits & experience

  • Perilune (Short Film) : Dr Lee
  • Torn (Short Film) : David
  • Lily (Short Film) : In Post-Production : George Kembell
  • Buzz Cut: (Feature Film) : Cop
  • Memories of Kevin (Short Film) : Foreman
  • Frozen Moments (Feature Film) : Detective Dan
  • Wake Up (Short Film) : Detective Smythe
  • Incognito (Short Film) : Angle3 Pictures : Father
  • Trelegy (US TVC) : Grandfather
  • Forgive Me (Short Film – Impact ’50’ Competition) : Vicar John
  • Monarch (Short Film) : Principal
  • Fragile (Short Film) : Joseph
  • Little Faith (Short Film) : Father
  • The Hampsters (Short Film - In Post-Production) : Michael
  • Healing Water (HP 48 Hours NZ) : Captor
  • Rainbocorns (Animated) - HuHu Studios : Narwahl (Voice)
  • Tin Man (Short Film - In Production) : Barry - also Directing
  • Baba Yaga 2: Retribution (Short Film - In Post-Production) : Fred
  • Loveless (Short Film - In Post-Production) : Father
  • Panther Hunt : (Web Series) : Patrick
  • Real Cowboy (Short Film - In Production) : Jake
  • Stand Up (HP 48 Hours NZ) : Gunman
  • The Moth (Short Film - In Post-Production) : Nigel
  • Makutu - (Feature Film - In Pre-Production) : Detective Appleton
  • Crow Bones (Short Film) : Samuel Austen-Jones
  • Pedigree TVC 'Child Replacement Programme' (2017 - Lead) : Father - Lead
  • World War 4 (Feature Film) : Villain
  • Mr John (Short Film) : Shop Owner
  • Last Star (Feature Film) : Captain Foster
  • Man Who Kills Dog (Short Film) : Michael
  • Finest Creation (Short Film - HP48 Hour National Finalist) : Charlie Flowers
  • All Bi-Myself (Web Series) : Priest
  • Distraction (Short Film) : Barman 1
  • Te Makutu (Feature Film) : Father
  • Last Late Night Ride (Short Film) : Don
  • Baba Yaga (Short Film) : Fred
  • Till (Short Film) : Robber
  • Vagabond (Feature Film) : Stuart
  • Fighting Spirit (Short Film) : Albert
  • Erase (Short Film) : Huxley Young
  • Now and Then (Short Film) : Older Brian
  • Dead of Night (Short Film) : Frank
  • After Wonderland (Short Film) : Lionel
  • If You Can Get Blood (Short Film V48 Hour) : Simon
  • Restoration (Short Film) : Art Gallery Visitor
  • Tinder Surprise (Web Series) : Patrick
  • Scar (Short Film) : Father
  • Crackheads (Feature Film) : Police Inspector
  • 3 Mile Limit (Feature Film) : Air Commodore
  • ARA (Feature Film - In Post-Production) : Dr Bennett
  • Just Joking (Short Film - In Post-Production) : Brady
  • Fair Go Ad Awards 2012 : Voice over for the show
  • Velveteen (Short Film) : Thomas
  • Urban Turban (Feature Film) : Callum
  • War of the Worlds (Live Show) : The Narrator
  • Perspective (Short Film) : Boss
  • Grace (Short Film) : Gabe
  • Broken Clover (V48 hours Short Film) : Mick
  • Under The Radar (Short Film) : Drug Lord
  • Ramen (Short Film) : Businessman
  • ASB (TV Commercial) : Lead (6 months from October 2011)
  • Bus 35 (Short Film) : Tom's Father
  • The Human Trials (Web Series) : Colin Blythe
  • Dr Who (Broken Sea - audiobook episode) : William Shakespeare
  • Head Games (Short Film) : Doctor
  • White Roses (Short Film) : Joseph
  • Playmates (Short Film) : Detective Morris
  • Desired (Feature Film) : Keir Willett
  • Shortland Street : Dr. Lars Hammett (Guest Starring)
  • Driveby Stigmata (V48 hours Short Film - Best National Disqualified) : Priest 1
  • Big Tits Massacre : Bar Patron
  • Blue Oranges (Short Scene) : Dr. Robert Smith
  • Mind Games (Short Film) : George
  • Detour (Short Film) : Bruce
  • Stag Party (Theatre) : Theo
  • Continuum (Web Series) : Lloyd
  • The Deserter (Short Film) : Farmer Jack
  • You, Murderer! (Short Film) : The Hitman
  • Old Salt (Short Film) : Social Worker
  • Compound (Feature Film) : Officer Escort
  • The Insatiable Moon (Feature Film) : Funeral Director
  • A Life Worth Living (Short Film) : Simon
  • South Seas Film, TV and Acting School : On Screen Acting Diploma
  • Oedipus (Short Film) : Laius
  • Shortland Street : Bruce (Featured Extra)


Acting experience

Previous paid speaking roles

Acting agent

Robert Bruce

  • English

  • Australian
  • Irish
  • South African
  • UK Cockney
  • UK English
  • UK Posh
  • UK Scottish
  • USA California
  • USA Southern

Union memberships
  • Equity

After being made redundant after 20 years in IT, I stumbled across an ad. on Seek for Background Extras and signed with Background Talent. I gained regular work on Shortland Street, Power Rangers and TVC's as an extra and featured extra, but wanted to take things further...

After attending a 3 day intro to acting course and thoroughly enjoying it, I auditioned for the year-long Diploma course at South Seas, and was pleased to be accepted as one of 21 On Screen Acting students for 2009. I graduated in December of that year, and was delighted to join Auckland Actors in January 2010, when I decided to become really serious about the auditions' and roles I was capable of getting.

I have been auditioning for TVC's and Dramas ever since and after my second Shortland Street audition gained a three episode role as American speaking Dr. Lars Hammett, which aired in early March 2011, with a story line still remembered now (March 2012). A good thing and a bad thing, as I died on the show!

In 2010, I did numerous short films with University students and post-graduates. I didn't take part in many classes during this period. I wanted to gain as much practical experience as was possible and also network with people I would possibly work with in the future.

One of the highlights so far has been the 2010 V48 Film Festival, where we gained the award for best disqualified film nationally, for Driveby Stigmata, which was given much critical acclaim. Unfortunately, our Editors' overlooked the strict running length constraints and we were disqualified.

In early 2011, I was asked to play the role of Keir Willett in a self-funded kiwi production, 'Desired' which screened at the Marches De Canne Festival. Keir is a gay fashion boutique owner and I saw the role as an extension of a part I played for The Phoenix Theatre Company last year. In 'Stag Party' I played 'Theo', a very camp, flamboyant neighbour of the main characters. It may be a case of being comfortable in these roles, but I always grasp the opportunity to extend my range as an actor and will continue to do so in the future.

I have also taken part in a couple of corporate videos, one for suicide prevention and another a re-enactment of a school meeting where I played a trustee member.

I have added to my resume with numerous voice roles. Dr Who, A Broken Sea Audio Book production, playing the role of Will Shakspeare (link to name but one. I provided the Fair Go Ad Awards voice over after an audition process for TVNZ in 2012.

A short film I featured in last year, After Wonderland, written and directed by Linda Darby, has been accepted in to the Short Film Corner in Cannes for this year, 2015. It's very exciting to be associated with a project that has reached such a high level of exposure and the second time - the last for a co-writing credit on Blindside, a short film - I have been accepted in to Cannes.

I have had the pleasure of working with the New Zealand Film Academy on a few short scene projects' recently.

In April 2013 I left Auckland Actors to join the Robert Bruce Agency. My aim: to get more auditions' and land a regular role on a New Zealand drama series.

I have been working with Production Company Angle3 Pictures for the past three years and a feature film, written, produced and directed by Kera Wong has just had a cast and crew Premiere and is now being submitted to festivals. I have also been involved in several Angle3 Short Films and we got to the Grand National Final of the HP48 Hours Competition in 2016, with 'Finest Creation'.

I am easy to work with on-set and take direction easily. Comedic timing and able to improvise in any situation. An asset to any production.


2,000 followers on Instagram. Trying to build a bigger following. I post on most days from actor memes; film trivia and on set pics.

Film & Stage Crew

Production & Management ability



Presenting agent

Robert Bruce

  • English

  • Australian
  • Irish
  • South African
  • UK Cockney
  • UK English
  • UK Posh
  • UK Scottish
  • USA California
  • USA Southern

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