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Queensland, Australia
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182 cm / 6ft 0in
98 kg / 215 lbs
White / Caucasian
118 cm / 46 in
Skin color:
95 cm / 37 in
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Acting experience


  • English

  • Australian
  • Canadian
  • New Zealand
  • UK English
  • UK Scottish
  • USA New York


Recently worked on Reef Break as an Extra, what an amazing experience and great team.

33 Castings already this year, a lot of fun and catering is amazing.

Other Film work, worked as a volunteer for University’s at Bond and Griffith to help Australian young and up coming Directors, Producers and film crew. Australian film talent is just amazing.

Other previous Acting, I turned up to be an Extra for the very first time on the 13 September 2017, well the Director took one look at me and said " Any Acting experience " I said NO " the Director then said " do you want to try " I said " OK " The Director gave me my lines, one take and I nailed it, I truly loved the experience.

Getting back to who I am:


This is actually a very brief summary of who I am, and yes all of it’s the truth.

I am Retired Soldier 5 March 2014, after 15 years of service and 5 deployments...

Now I am a licensed Real Estate Agent selling luxury and prestigious Realestate on the Gold Coast.

I am available 24/7 for Film Acting/Extra work, life isn’t just about making money...

Live, Love, Laugh and Learn is my motto,

I am from a farming background, cattle, horses, sheep, grain, About 2500 acres property in Victoria,

I have worked also on Cattle stations in QLD/NSW/NT, horses, cattle, sheep, and grain. In 1992 worked on a cattle Ranch in Montana USA also with horses, cattle,grain for nine months,

1988 I started a diesel Mechanical apprentice

1988 I also participated in Droving 88, over 4000 applicants applied only 360 were chosen, I was one of the 360. Later that year 14 were chosen from the 360 to open the Stockman’s Hall of fame in Longreach QLD, I was also one of the 14. That year I met RM Williams for the second time, as I also assisted the start of that year in opening the National Trail with RM and Dan Seymour,

1992 finished Diesel Mech Apprentice

1992 Traveled to USA to work on a Cattle Ranch in Montana, as a farm hand/truck driver/horse trainer/mechanic,
During my working holiday I also traveled over 12000 miles in a 1971 Ford Lincon, some of my other adventures whilst I was in the states, where I work at the Grand Canyon as a Tour guide for Mule rides around the Grand Canyon area.

1993 I arrived back in Australia, started working as a Mechanic at a Truck company called Knights Transport, I was there 6 years, with other adventures whilst I was there,

1999 Joined the Defence Force, posted to Townsville QLD 3 CSSB, the first year I was awarded student of merit for work done,
1999 Deployed to East Timor, 4 month tour
2000/2001 Deployed to East Timor 7 1/2 month Tour, where I was awarded a soldiers medallion for leadership and for other reasons,
2002 Awarded Junior NCO at 3 CSSB
2004 Posted to 4 RAR Sydney 1 year, qualified on many weapon systems,
2005 Posted to SOCOMD Sydney/Perth can’t go into detail what I did there, deployed to Afghanistan 2006,
2007 Posted to 6RAR, Jan/April/ 4 Month tour to East Timor, Nov 07 to Jun 08,
2008 Deployed to Iraq for 9 months,

Other Quals/experience I have include;
Truck driver/Horse trainer, driving instructor/weapons instructor/physical trainer,
Qualified as a Full Licensed Realestate Agent 2016.

Civilian licenses I have are;
As above Truck HC
motor cycle open
boat, Jet ski,

Military Licenses;
Mack fleet liner
All trailer codes
Motor cycles/ ATV 4x4/ ATV 6X6
Up armored Hilux/Land cruiser
VIP Driver

Earth moving licenses;
Dump Truck

I passionate about film work and very willing to give anything a go.

Other interests are mining - truck driving/real estate investing/currently stocks investing, and property investment,

Stocks, real estate, Golf, Volleyball, Horse riding, camping, boating, 4x4 driving, all sports, going to the Gym, fishing, martial arts and much more.

I have a Twin Brother who has done a lot of film extra work which included; water rats, 2000 leagues with Brian Brown, Flipper, just to name a couple, etc...

I have looked into film extra work years ago with my brother however in the Defence Force I don’t get much spare time, now that I have discharged after 15 years from the Military I will be able to pursue other interests, I would be interested in doing other types of film acting and extra work and I don’t mind traveling also,

I have also traveled to;
Africa 3 months
Hawaii 1 month
China 3 months
Canada 1 month (spent some of that time bronco riding at The Calgary Rodeo)
New Zealand 1 month south Island only. I have also traveled and worked all over, QLD/NT/NSW/SA/VIC/TAS/. I was awarded another medallion for something I did whilst I was in Iraq, I was also on the front page in the Herald Sun ANZAC day football game etc, in 1988 I was in the paper allot but I have changed alot since then.

I have recently returned from a 3 month trip to China, what a beautiful country, full of amazing people.

After 15 years in the ADF I am extremely disciplined, honest, reliable and on time, I can follow directions and any orders given will be carried out as needed, More than happy to travel long distances and starting at the bottom for me isn't a problem,

I have only become a full member of Star Now on the 5 September and I have to say Star Now admin are fantastic and the Extras and Actors on here with their advice, guidance and help have been extremely professional. I am so grateful for everything everyone has done for me already.

I have just recently started my own business and I am selling Luxury Properties, Cars , Yachts and look after these properties, wow what a life, I am having the best life, funny how Life gives you a chance and the fantastic people I continue to meet are so genuine and trusting. Life is a journey embrace every day help as many people as possible and Live, Love, Laugh, and continue to Learn.

If you have any questions please message me or call me.


Extras experience

Previous extras experience

Short Films, loving, living and learning


Modeling experience

Beginner, starting out

Look at me , I’m gorgeous:)
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