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If I ain't got you (A. Keys)

Alicia Keys' solo cover piano and voice by Silvia Olari

01If I ain't got you (A. Keys)
02Hurt (J. Cash)
03Wise girl

Physical Attributes

Latinx / Hispanic
Skin color:
Hair length:


Acting experience

No previous acting experience


Extras experience

No previous extras experience


Modeling experience

Beginner, starting out

She made some photo shoots for my albums during the last years, she changed her haircuts and outfits for her music career but she's never been professional model.


Keyboard ability


Vocal ability

Lead singer

Vocal range


Singing styles
  • Pop
  • Rock

Favourite genres
  • Pop
  • Rock
  • Indie
  • Jazz

She came up to the music at the age of 8 by classical piano and modern singing studies.
Shortly after she started on her early music experiences, at the age of 12 she sang in some
musical events getting a great support from the public.
She studied also opera singing for one year, but it was at the age of 15 that Silvia had her
very turning point: she developed a deep interest for a more contemporary kind of music
indeed, so she left classical piano and began with the modern one.
Silvia connected modern piano with modern singing, therefore she began to do particular
piano-voice performances, without using any arrengement. She was alone, with her piano
and her voice. That became her trade-mark, a quality brand for a very young girl.
Since 2001 onwards she took part in some italian singing contests like “Festival di Napoli”
and “Sanremo Academy” (2002) ,“Una voce per Sanremo” (2005) and many others, where
she often achieved frst positions. Silvia won also a fellowship to study at “Hope Music
School” in Rome.
In 2008 she took part in a Talent Show called “Amici” and she became a very popular singer
in italy; after the show she released her frst self-titled album “Silvia Olari” produced by
Warner Bros with the single “Fino all'anima” written by Nek, famous italian songwriter.
In 2009 Silvia performed at the “Blue Note” in Milan the U2 cover “with or without you” in a
duet with her vocal coach Luca Jurman.
In 2010 was published the second album “Libera Da”, where we can fnd several hits like
“Piango per te”, “Cenere”, “Segui il vento”etc. all the songs on this album are entirely written
by Silvia, both music and lyrics.
Since 2011 Silvia has been writing other compositions and she opened some italian
singers' shows where she could sing her most known songs..
In 2012 she held some concerts in Switzerland and Greece.
Recently a great success has come for the hit “Niente di me”, published in April 2013, which
had 10.000 likes in 3 weeks on youtube.
One of the most important experiences for Silvia was her attendance in “Una notte per
Caruso 2013”, a concert for the italian television with the greatest and famous italian
She played a famous song of Mina and Alberto Sordi, “Breve Amore”, with the live
orchestra, the piano and her voice.
In the last period Silvia started a new exciting experience in London (UK), where she's
creating a new band project and she's introducing her music to the british audience.
She makes Live tours where she usually makes a solo sing-and-play, she use to play her own songs if required and/or famous covers as well.

TV & Reality

She took part in a Talent Show and after that experience she signed a contract with the major recording label Warner Music.

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