Sonia Sarkis

Sonia Sarkis Pro

New South Wales, Australia


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Very professional, competent and capable. Knows good talent when she sees it and more than deserves her acclaim.

Recommended for Casting Apr 6, 2021

I recomend sonia as number 1 producer in Australia , proffesionalism at its best top notch communication with her cast crew & applicants , A great casting director & location organiser for her productions has a great connection with one to one communication with her cast & crew , also hidden talented actress & a great script supervisor & film creator when sonia is on your production then your production will simply be a success, as a film director sonia brings the best out of me alwaz , thanku

Recommended for Post Production & Editing Oct 13, 2020

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Was wonderful to work with Sonia Sarkis. Very professional and organized. Made the short time I spent with her and the team - pleasurable. Thanks Sonia

Recommended for Casting Sep 18, 2020

I recently worked as an actress on a short film that Sonia cast, produced and acted in. Sonia is one multi-talented woman who is an absolute delight to work with. She is kind, warm, generous and oozes talent in all aspects of film producing (including acting)! Hoping to get the chance to work with Sonia again!

Recommended for Casting Sep 3, 2020

Sonia is sooo amazing!!! She choses the best cast and crew for any production and is so lovely to work with. She is reliable, a hard worker and just an amazing person all round! I would 100% want to work with Sonia for anything! Not only is she a producer but she is also a talented singer and actress.

Recommended for Production Management Sep 3, 2020

First time working with Sonia was amazing, made me feel extremely comfortable on set and had only positive vibes with her and the crew. Extremely talented and very dedicated to her work, defiantly look forward to working with Sonia in the future.

Recommended for Casting Sep 3, 2020

I just start the journey and my first time worked with Sonia recently. It was so wonderful to work with her, very professional, warm, kind and easy to work with. I look forward to working with her again in the future.

Recommended for Casting Sep 2, 2020

Had an amazing time working with Sonia and her team. Great set environment and fantastic vibe. highly recommend. Would work with again in a heartbeat

Recommended for Film & Stage Crew Aug 30, 2020

Sonia is absolutely amazing! Not only did Sonia Cast, but she was also the Producer. She was such a pleasure to deal with! Very organised and always there if you have any queries. I would definitely recommend Sonia and would love to work with her again.

Recommended for Casting Aug 18, 2020

Sonia is a wonderful communicator and very empathetic. Such a privilege to audition for her

Recommended for Casting Jul 15, 2020

Sonia is an incredible producer. She gets things done in a timely manner but she does it with compassion and grace. A duality that is most needed on a set that can be intense and stressful. So great to work with her.

Recommended for Acting Mar 16, 2020

It was an honour to work with Sonia and her crew. She was constantly caring and supportive of all on set. Hopefully I will get the opportunity to work with her again.

Recommended for Production Management Mar 3, 2020

I worked with Sonia on the set of A Troubled Town recently as a production assistant. Working with Sonia is so much fun and effortless. She makes you feel so welcome and ensures you are familiar with all other members of the cast and crew. What really impressed me was her professional approach to all aspects of production from prop master to catering, and everything in between. Sonia has a very positive energy that inspires, and I'm looking forward to working with her again.

Recommended for Casting Mar 2, 2020

Working with Sonia was an absolute pleasure. Both Sonia & her crew made you feel so comfortable & at ease on set which made the whole shoot so much fun. Thank you for giving me this opportunity! I would gladly work with Sonia anytime

Recommended for Casting Mar 1, 2020

Sonya is just brilliant, she knows what she’s doing, she takes her job very serious and professionally. Approachable and very understanding for on and off sets.

Recommended for Casting Feb 26, 2020

Sonia is a professional and executes her passion through her artform very well. She was patient, communicates well with her crew and the cast and it was such a pleasure to work with her on her film as an MUA. If you're starting out in the Entertainment industry or continuing to build and gain experience, I highly recommend Sonia and her experince in the industry.

Recommended for Casting Feb 25, 2020

It was a pleasure working with this lovely professional lady. Sonya is beautiful, kind, and very talented

Recommended for Casting Feb 25, 2020

Sonia is very friendly, kind, organised, talented, very aproachable, hospitable, and I enjoyed being on set with her. I highly recommend Sonia in this industry as a Casting Professional.

Recommended for Casting Feb 23, 2020

Sonia was amazing to work with, an absolute pleasure. Humble, dedicated and talented. I'd work with her anytime

Recommended for Acting Feb 10, 2020

Sonia is very professional and fun, had a great time on set. She gave direction well and was easy to work with. Looked after her cast and crew while also performing her own job with ease. Highly recommend working with Sonia!

Recommended for Casting Jan 20, 2020