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Telford, United Kingdom
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Physical Attributes

161 cm / 5ft 3in
63 kg / 138 lbs
White / Caucasian
Skin color:
Dress size:
UK 10 / AUS 10 / US 6
Eye color:
Hair color:
Hair length:
Hair type:


Acting experience

Previous unpaid speaking roles

I have had acting experience in sixth form/college where in the opening scene from A Taste of Honey by Shelaigh Delaney, I played the character Jo, for a A-level examination. I also played the character Landlord from the play Two by Jim Cartwright where we did a mixture of scenes and added some Brecht techniques and performed it in the style of Brecht again for a A-level examination. I am also doing a acting degree at Chester University and within that degree I have done scenes from the DC tv series Arrow where we took two scenes, both where they had the roles of Felicity and her mother and we filmed them for Acting for Camera module and I played the role of Felicity. I have also been cast in a short film that another student from a different campus was working on for his directing degree and I played the role of a young adult girl around the age 17/18 where she goes off with her friends to a party but gets stopped half way because of a burst tyre, and a monster appears and attacks them, I was the character Lola. This is still in post production.


Extras experience

Previous extras experience

I have had extra experience on stage performances such as school productions of musicals. I was the Bus driver in All Shook Up in a college production.I was also a dancer extra in school production of Disco Inferno and was also a extra in school productions of Grease, Bugsy Malone and Into the Woods.

Film & Stage Crew

Camera Crew ability


Directing & Writing ability


Post Production & Editing ability


Sound Crew ability


Director/ Writing- I have created a short film called Decisions for A-levels which is about this guy and his girlfriend both being held captive and whatever he decides affects how she is being treated.

I am also in the middle of writing another two films. One being a short film and another a attempt of a feature film. The short film is about this guy who lost his girlfriend to cancer and he has written this letter as a goodbye. Throughout this short you will see flashbacks of his time with her before, during and after her treatment.

The feature film I’m just about to start writing is called The Rising stars. I’m just going to write the blurb here;

It’s all sunshine and rainbows in this small town Chester, when this girl who recently moved in is still trying to figure out what to do with her life. Until one day that all changes... Whilst on this road to figure out her life, she is forced to discover demonic creatures created by forces of evil from the evil king Xavier. With the help of The Rising Stars, she discovers secrets of herself and her family that reveals her true self.... Can she find her true self and stop this King Xavier before it’s too late?

Post production/ Editing:
I have edited the short film, Decisions, that I have also written and directed myself.

I have also edited short films within University such as when it was Horror Week, me and a group of girls came up with a Zombie movie idea and we all chose to call it Zombiez. It is about this group of students who get attacked on school grounds and has to try escape them without getting killed.

Another short we have made In university and I have also edited is a mash-up of Christmas movies that we have chosen within small groups together to try remake. We decided to do Jingle Bell Rock scene from Mean Girls, the Jewellery Store scene involving Alan Rickman and Rowan Atkinson where Alan’s character is in a hurry to buy a necklace.

Sound Crew Experience:
I have created and composed and found the music and and edited in sound effects that I have either made or found online to use for free in the film Decisions that I have also directed, edited and written myself. With the film Decisions I found a couple of pieces on music to use free.

With the film Zombiez I created and composed the music and sound effects to suit that genre.

Hair, Makeup & Styling

Makeup Artist ability


I have been doing quite a lot of media make-up designs. I started a few years ago and I am self-taught. I have done designs for A-level exams in drama and theatre, years above and below me, where they needed half a face where it is was scarred from a acid attack ( Katie Pipper was the inspiration for their piece), rope burns on the throat, sliced wrists, huge gashes on the back and bruising. I have also done designs for my own make-up needed for a-level drama and theatre exams, such as ageing make-up to look 60/70 years old and bruising on the arms. Recently I have done designs for a short film I was in for horror themed week we had at university and I made 3 of my classmates into zombies where they were then invited to have a photo shoot in Make-up and costume. Another piece I have done recently is a knife slicing of the neck for a performance based on The Bacchae by Euripides.
Aside from the gore side, I have also done face-painting for children and adults. I did Halloween make-up designs for children at Apley Farm Shop for their Halloween fest they had and I have had adults ask me to do their make-up for parties and Halloween itself such as the look of the 2019, Joker and half clown/half “pretty”. I have also done a few designs on myself such as Queen of Hearts, a roughed up prisoner, and a Skelton.


Photography experience

Amateur photographer

I have taken some classes outside of schools I have been in where we have gone out on location or used a venue.

I have also photographed cricket awards night for Albrighton Cricket Club a few years, and a work party one year.

I mostly now just photograph freely in my spare time.
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