Shaleena Bain

Shaleena Bain Pro

Queensland, Australia


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Very talented and versatile! Extremely well prepared and a pleasure to work with!

Recommended for Modelling Jan 20, 2019

Stunning profile, I wish you all the best with your acting career !

Recommended for Acting Mar 23, 2017

Totally Amazing. Not only was all upfront communication and creative work easy and pleasant - Shaleena arrived fully prepared and looking amazing. We went through 4 different outfits and produced over 100 very usable images in about an hour. While it was the hotest day and very warm in the studio, Shaleena did a perfect job working very calmly and professionally. Under all circtumsances would I love to work with Shaleena again. Christian

Recommended for Modelling Feb 2, 2011

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Recommended for Acting May 23, 2017

Recommended for Music Apr 16, 2014

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