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London, United Kingdom
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  • Ravensbourne College, Kent : HND Professional Broadcasting

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My career has spanned technical and creative roles in broadcasting and high-end corporate film production. I now run a small creative team, producing great short-form video for fashion, events, food and business for web and social media use.

My team and I shoot on the wonderful Sony A7s series of cameras and have a wide range of professional equipment and lighting to cover us for every scenario.


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I am a professional photographer, and have been shooting at a good level for over five years. My work varies from fashion, products, food, portraiture, promotional, events, and travel. I like to think that my flexibility from tackling different types of photography allows me to be much more creative and adaptable than focusing solely on a single area - it also makes for a much more exciting professional life than singling out one area!

I shoot on professional Nikon cameras (D810/D500), with studio and location flash. I also have studio spaces within convenient and affordable reach, and am also experienced in shooting abroad. I retouch all of my own work as standard.

My full portfolio is visible at
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