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Physical Attributes

167 cm / 5ft 6in
57 kg / 125 lbs
White / Caucasian
84 cm / 33 in
Skin color:
81 cm / 32 in
Eye color:
Hair color:
Hair length:
Hair type:

Credits & experience

  • JMC Martini Awards : Nominated for Best Actor for short film "The Bestseller".
  • Max Talent-Brigitte O'Brien : Audition Workshop
  • Proud Artist Management : American Dialogue Workshop - Keiran Brice
  • South East Qld Theatre Festival : Adjudicators Choice Award for "Hot Date" lead role-Beenleigh Theatre Festival
  • South East Qld Theatre Festival : Best Performance Male in a Comedy for "Hot Date" lead role-Act 1 Theatrefest
  • South East Qld Theatre Festival : Best Male Actor in a Comedy for "Hot Date" lead role-KSP Theatre Festival
  • South East Qld Theatre Festival : Best Male Actor in a Comedy for "Hot Date" lead role-Mousetrap Murrumba Theatre Fest
  • South East Qld Theatre Festival : Best Supporting Actor in a Drama for "Pier 12" Yarrageh Sandgate Theatre Fest
  • South East Qld Theatre Festival : Best Actor in a Drama for "Boy Slaughter" lead role Jimmy Slaughter for Brisbane Arts Theatre
  • South East Qld Theatre Festival : Best Actor in a Drama for "Boy Slaughter" lead role Jimmy Slaughter for Ipswich Little Theatre
  • South East Qld Theatre Festival : Best Actor in a drama for "Boy Slaughter" lead role Jimmy Slaughter for KSP Theatre


Acting experience

Previous unpaid speaking roles

  • English

  • Australian

Union memberships
  • MEAA

2019: The Lights On The Hill (short mystery/horror/thriller)-Radio Host (voiceover only)-JMC Academy
2019: Grip (Short Drama Film)-Boxing Spectator-JMC Academy and the My Rode Reel Competition

2019 : Breaking Point (short drama/thriller)-Detective Cain-(Lead)-JMC Academy-written and directed by Jake White and produced by Vellin Claretta.
2019 : I'm not funny (short comedy/drama)-Office Worker-JMC Academy-written and directed by Flynn Clarkson.
2019:Music Video"Run"(Stepson)-Lead(same character from both "Never Mind Me" and "Come With Me" by Stepson)-Crystal Arrow Films.

2018: The Sound Of Mist-(short Arthouse film)-The Red Man-(Lead)-JMC Academy-Written and Directed by Ally Ryan.

2018 : A Crack in the Spotlight-(short drama/thriller)-Edward-(Lead)-QUT-Writer/director-Jonathan Morfoulis
2018 : Arthur Blessed-(short film)-Church Deacon-QUT
2018 : A Momentary Lapse Of Anamnesis-(Short Horror)-Jim(Lead)-JMC Academy-Written by Kieran Griffiths/Director:Kalin Edmond.
2018 : The Wolves That Live In Skin And Space -(short Psychological Thriller)-Paramedic 1-Sae Institute West End and Alegna Entertainment-Director:Wayne McPhee.
2018 : Student Assignment scene from short film "Pitch Black Heist"-Liam (Lead)-Director:Heinrich Joubert-JMC Academy.
2018 : Lavender Bones-(Music Video)-Stand Atlantic-Scientist (Support Role)-Splat Studios-Director:Adrian Eyre.

2018 : The Bestseller (short thriller film)-Miles Anderson (lead)-JMC Academy-written and directed by Patryk Stadejek.
2018 : Isolation (short Drama Film)-Griffith Film School Southbank-Harry (Lead Role):Directed by Raniera Robin/Produced by Jamie Findley.
2018 : Man in the Movie (short Horror Film)-Griffith Film School Southbank-The Man (Lead Role):Written and directed by Raniera Robin.
2018 : Pace: A time for vengeance (short film)-Isaac Albini (Crime Boss)-Support Role-Writer/Director:Richard Hough.
2018 : Pace: A Love Once Lost (short film)-Isaac Albini (Crime Boss)-Lead Role-Writer/Director:Richard Hough.
2018 : Pace:A Crime Long Forgotten (short film)-Isaac Albini (Crime Boss)- Lead Role-Writer/Director:Richard Hough.
2018: Herod:The Fatal Conflict (Tv. Docu-Drama)-Essen 02/Sailor 04/Judean -Wildbear Entertainment-Director:Nik Wansbrough-Tasty Film and Television Studios.
2018: Now We Groove-Silver Citizen ( Music video)-Office Worker in the boardroom
2018: Drack (Mockumentary Feature)-Stan the meat dealer (support role)-Sam Sexton and Geoff Vaag.

2017: Music Video "On My Mind" (Bandta)-Sexy Santa-second lead role-Director Bradley Gillow-JMC Academy.
2017: Music Video"Ethereal" (The Brave)-Corporate Office worker-Director Adrian Eyre-Splat Studios.
2017: Two Weeks-ep.9 (Web Series)Backyard Party guest-Griffith Film School-Director Rachel Anderson-Producer Rhiannon Steffensen.
2017: Alters (short) the transition figure-Griffith Film School-Director Gabbi Beaty.
2017: Music Video "Come With Me" (Stepson)-Lead (same character from prev Stepson video Never Mind Me)-Director Adrian Eyre-Splat Studios.
2017: Ash (short) Drunk Man-support role-Griffith Film School-Director Adrian Sanzogni-Producer Seb Thomas.
2017: Music Video "Temple" (The Seefelds) - Tom (Zach the leads alcoholic dad)-(Support role)-Griffith Film School-Director Isaac Gatto.
2017: TVC- MMMustard (Father)-King Rodgers Mustard-Grifffith Film School-Director:Gabbi Beaty,Producer:Sean Campion.
2017: Mirage (short) Henchman Max-support role-Siva Vijayan-writer/director.
2017: The Tragedian (short) Audience member-Producer:Hinemoa Streten/Director:Ozan Asan-Griffith Southbank.

2016: Replacements (short horror film) David-Lead role-Good Question Productions/Griffith-Duncan Peake
2016: Faceless (Music Video for "Silence The Sun") Featured Mosh Dancer/singer
2016: Living or Dying (Music Video for "Monsters Of The Midnight Sun") Bar/Night-Club Patron
2016: Daydream (short) Strip-club patron -Griffith Southbank
2016: File Fantasy (short) High-Class Office Worker/Stevens Army-(Featured Extra/Stunt fighter)-Griffith Southbank
2016: Unconditional (short) Funeral/Cemetary family member-Griffith Southbank
2016: One Room (short)- Dad-Support Role-Open Locket Productions

2016:Childish (short) Mr. Burchell-support role-Griffith Southbank- Ellen Clark
2016:Never mind me (Music Video for "Stepson") Lead role

2015: Disabused (short) Bartender-Griffith Southbank
2015:Into The Night (short) Doctor-SAE West End-Amy Harman
2015:The Mission (short) Teacher-Griffith Southbank-Ellen Clark
2015:Siphon (short) Ron, second lead-Griffith Southbank-Nicholas Allison
2015:The Veil (short) Jethro/76-lead-NYFA-Joshua Russell
2015:Amber (short) Wes, Lead-NYFA-Dan Mcquillan
2015:We Are Here (short) Colleen's Dad-support role-Story Boxes-Jonathan Fang
2015:Hidden Eyes (Short horror film)-Masked theatre goer-Morteza Halimi-Griffith
2015:Righteous Red (short horror film) Church goer 3 - SAE West End
2015:The Last Cigarette (short) Bar Patron (stunt fighter)-Griffith
2015:Playground Politics (short) Parent -Griffith
2015:Forrestgreen (short) Featured Patient -Griffith
2015:Negative Bob (short) Art Gallery patron 2
2015:Flash (short) the husband in the champagne couple
2015:Brother's Keeper (short) Nightclub Patron -NYFA-Grant Bell

2015:Victims of Crime Counselling Video for Relationships Australia Nightclub Patron
2015:My Dear (Music Video for "Scarlet Kill") Parent, support role


2015:Construction Safety and Training Web Video


Extras experience

Previous speaking roles

Battalion (Feature)-(Restaurant Patron/LA rooftop party guest)-2015, Space/Time (Feature)-(Restaurant Patron)-2016, Mr. Pumpkin's Big Night Out (Feature)-(Audience Member)-1998, Out Of The Woods (Feature)-(Bar Patron/Restaurant Patron/Office Worker)-2016, Lt. Jangles (Feature)-(Detective)-2015,BlackWater:Abyss (Feature)-(Pub Patron)-2019, Swimming For Gold (Feature)-(Airport patron)-2019,Romance On The Menu (Feature)-(Backyard BBQ guest)-2019


Modeling experience

Beginner, starting out

2016: Replique Hair Model

TV & Reality

Extra parts on "The Day Of The Roses"(Civilian Rescuer)-(Tv Mini-Series)-1998, "Medivac"(Injured Construction Worker/Courier Driver)-(Tv Series)-1997/1998-2 eps.,"Paradise Beach"(Beach Spectator)-(Tv Series)-1993,"Flipper"(Uni student)-(Tv Series-Series 4)-1999,"Silent Predators"(Townsperson)-(Tv Horror Movie)-1999,"The Great South East"(Audience Member and Tavern Patron)-(Tv Lifestyle Series for Channel 7)-2015,"The End"(English Church Parishioner)-(Tv Series)-2018,"Life goes on"-(Nightclub patron)-(Web series)-2019


Sales Representative/Warehouse worker/Market Researcher/Call Centre.

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