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Brighton, United Kingdom
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Physical Attributes

158 cm / 5ft 2in
120 kg / 264 lbs
White / Caucasian
over 119 cm / 47 in
Skin color:
54 cm / 21 in
over 152 cm / 60 in
Dress size:
UK 20 / AUS 20 / US 16
Eye color:
Hair color:
Hair length:
Hair type:

Credits & experience

  • Envisage promotions : Online virtual tester for exhibition
  • Photoshoot at home 2x : Modelling for Sarah Hollamby
  • at home : Lockdown photoshoot at home photographer asked to not be credited
  • Envisage promotions : Online tester for virtual exhibition
  • Trevor martin 006.5 ( on Amazon Prime now ) : Mandy the evil sister
  • jeremy vine : audience member
  • Sandi Bogle Independent woman : Dance crew in music video
  • The Fall short film : Gang member
  • Outdoor Cinema Crawley : Steward Supervisor
  • Run Gatwick 2019 : Race crew team leader of the baggage tent
  • Dor2Dor : Leafleter
  • Satellite servers streams and webhosting : Sales representative
  • : radio host
  • JUSKY music video : Person Sightseeing in video with JUSKY chatting
  • Utility Warehouse : Distributor
  • : DJ Susiesky Tuesdays 2pm-4pm
  • : DJ SusieSky of The DJ SusieSky show Saturday's 7pm -9pm
  • BBC2 Don't Forget the Driver : mobility scooter driver while walking dog
  • Run Gatwick : Volunteer Marshall for race
  • Mangar Health : Manual handling advert playing a patient
  • BBC The Fall (short film) (Academy Films) : Masked Murderer (gang member 11)
  • Rocking the nation : Radio DJ
  • Bushy Webhosting : Sales rep and Customer Service
  • Outdoor Cinema : Event Manager for Stewards
  • Paddington train station : comuter in CCTV training video for train drivers
  • The Wright Stuff : audience member
  • Power91FM : Radio Presenter
  • Documentary on myself for a magazine : myself
  • Actors for Improv Interview Questions in a short film : Actor answering interview Questions in a short film
  • Juliet Naked : Shopper
  • BBC STRIKE series1 episode1 : cafe customer
  • BBC Rellik series 1 episode 3 : Raver (speaking role)
  • The Wright stuff : Audience member
  • Power91FM (formerly known as PZR91.1FM) : Radio Presenter
  • Coy Communications Art Exhibition : Milkmaid
  • Swimming with men : Demonstrator
  • INDYA music video : Dancer
  • PZR91.1FM : Presenter DJ Susiesky Saturday's 3pm-5pm
  • Showcase Radio : Presenter DJ SusieSky Tuesdays 9pm,-12am
  • PYLOT magazine : Model
  • Gfinity London Call of duty : promo
  • Armed Radio Global : presenter of DJ Susiesky with the britgirl show
  • Showcase Radio : Presenter of DJ Susiesky show Tuesdays 9pm-11pm
  • The Justice League : Pub drinker
  • The wright stuff : audience member
  • Autopsy the last hours of steve jobs : Patty Jobs
  • The Diary : Squatter/homeless person
  • Grapefruit : Brand Ambassador
  • M Dot R - Colgate Well Listerine music video : Dancer and actor
  • Goldsmiths university : acting in a students Art final masters degree in a morph suit
  • Guilt USA TV drama : Prisoner
  • pzr91.1fm : Radio Presenter
  • Charning Peters Book launch : Book launch atendee
  • Channel 5 Benefits Documentary : Contributor in documentary
  • Hidden Camera show : Extra in a restaurant
  • Charity event : Guest
  • W channel launch : Business worker/office worker
  • The National Lottery Game Store online advert : Commuter
  • Heart UK PR stunt raising awareness to do cholestrol checks : Comuter
  • London Grad : Gipsy
  • Wonder Woman : lady having palm read in pub
  • Katie Hopkins my Fat story : Model
  • BBC Eastenders 3 episodes : Psychiatric patient
  • You are My Sunshine : lady reading newspaper
  • Cuttings : mourner
  • Lorena ft Nico T - Loca music video : dancer and extra
  • Sticky Drama : Drone Controller
  • Channel 4 Aliens : cleaner
  • The Holly K experiment : drinker
  • Grimsby the movie : mourner and doll office queue scenes
  • The Thirst video : gig goer
  • Legends of Stand-Up & Bernard Righton : audience
  • Presenter at SkyWave Radio 9pm-12am & Saturdays 2pm-5pm : Presenter DJ SusieSky
  • Channel 5's The Wright Stuff : audience member
  • Slaves Music video of Cheer up London : Extra on Bus
  • storage hunters uk : bidder (halfpint)
  • COY magazine photoshoot : comedy photoshoot as the milk maid
  • Yoga shoot for Vice magazine : Yoga Model
  • The Pub series : Scripted character as Cath Yannoulopoulos in the sitcom The Pub
  • Britain’s Got More Talent : line up game from Buzzcocks as part of our Ant VS Dec gameshow for Britain’s Got More Talent
  • Channel5's The Wright Stuff : Audience member
  • The Wrong Floor : Hobo
  • JIM comedy teaser : Fat lady in gym
  • You Are My Sunshine : Lady reading newspaper
  • The Last Post : Featured SA as a Mourner
  • The Pub series : Cath Yannoulopoulos in the series The Pub
  • One Direction music video : Funfair – Roundwood Park, London
  • London Grad : Trailer Woman (gypsy) speaking role
  • ISUZU BLADE commercial : Zombie
  • channel 5's The Wright Stuff : audience member
  • The Forbidden Note (Stone Empire Films) : Extra as an Audience member watching the ballet
  • Storage Hunters UK final show in series 1 : Bidder (Extra or background artist) nickname known as Half pint,
  • : DJ / presenter
  • South side Story : restaurant customer dining
  • Storage Hunters UK first show in series 1 : Bidder (Extra or background artist) nickname known as Half pint
  • Grimsby the movie : Late Night drinker /football fan pub scenes
  • Short Feature Film : a clubber in the film
  • The Vicious Dead : I played the part as a Victim in the final scenes of the movie
  • Zompok music Video : Music video for Zompok I was a zombie pig
  • The Wrong Floor : Extra- as an office worker and one scene shot of me alone as well as in a group
  • Our City Radio Brighton : Our City Radio Brighton Station Manager
  • Painting Sin experimental film Directed by Sam Tait : i was one of the main actors in the violence scene. Bullying scene and theft scene i played the victim in the theft scene and one of the bullys in the bullying scene and one of the attackers in the violence scene
  • Bitch Fight Movie : Extra staring as a rich person in the crowd watching the fight
  • William Ranieri : Extra in Music Video for Jennifer Eligou - Fantasy playing a part as a member of the audience dancing and sitting at a table
  • Our City Radio Brighton : Our City Radio Brighton Station Manager
  • Our City Radio Dance Channel : DJ (Presenter )
  • Crawley Hospital Radio : Radio Presenter
  • Channel4 : documentry on conversations made in toilets
  • BBC Documentry dominic littlewood : a documentry on anti social behaviour talking about how it effects me
  • XFACTOR : 2rounds of audition
  • Legacy FM Radio online radio : Dj & Station Manager
  • 106 The Mix , Online Radio : Radio DJ and Promoter
  • : Promoter of station
  • XFACTOR : 3 rounds of audition
  • Total Extreme radio : Promoter of station
  • Documentry on More 4 : Documentry on More 4 about pushy parents
  • Top of the pops : i was filmed in the Audience dancing
  • Channel 4 Big Breakfast : i was filmed as audience
  • police cadet sussex police : volunteer police cadet
  • police cadet sussex police : volunteer police cadet
  • police cadet sussex police : volunteer police cadet
  • Southern State Drum & Bugle corp : Xylophone player
  • Horsham arts centre : school production of a dance routine based on fire and ice theme


Acting experience

Previous paid speaking roles

Acting agent

Ignite Performance Academy

  • English

  • UK English

Union memberships

i don't really have any other than back from when in school when I was in a choir and in a few theatre shows and now stared as an extra in Bitch fight the movie I was a member of the elite crowd cheering on the fight. and was recently in Painting Sin an experimental film Directed by Sam Tait: i was one of the main actors in the violence scene. Bullying scene and theft scene i played the victim in the theft scene and one of the bullys in the bullying scene and one of the attackers in the violence scene; Derby, UK and also recently an extra in a music video for Jennifer Eligou I was a dancer in the video. Grindhouse Action Thriller The Wrong Floor I played the part as an office worker and also had a scene shot of me alone as well as ones of me walking out the building.


Extras experience

Previous speaking roles

Extras agent

piece of cake casting

5 years on set experience in both tv and film as an extra walk on passer by and featured dog handler skills using a mobility scooter skill walking a dog on a scooter skill. Alabama accent


Modeling experience

Full-time model - paid commercial work

Modelling website

Modelling agent


I started at uglys as a model in the 2016 -2017 catalogue and i am now in the latest ugly modelling catalogue thats out soon for 2017-2018 i have also modelled for vice magazine in a yoga shoot as well as modelling for Coy communications i have also modeled for PYLOT magazine and modeled on Britain's got more talent in ant vs dec game as well as modelled in a swimsuit on Katie Hopkins my fat story I have also modelled for Coy Communications as a Milk Maid and i am also represented by Allsorts Agency as well as Ugly models


Some but not much just manage my own social media accounts


Vocal ability


Vocal range


D.J ability


Singing styles
  • Pop

Favourite genres
  • Pop
  • Rock
  • Indie
  • Metal
  • Electronic
  • Hip-hop

singing and playing a xylophone I was in a marching band and played xylophone in it in 1994-1996
in 2010 I was in 3 rounds of xfactor auditions and in 2012 I was in 2 rounds of xfactor auditions and dj-ing at

TV & Reality

I have been in 3 rounds of xfactor auditions in 2010 and 2 rounds in 2012 and was in some documentaries filmed on tv one was for channel 4 the other was on bbc I have also appeared on Britains Got More Talent in the never mind the buzzcocks game on ant vs dec and appeared in 3 episodes of storage hunters uk and also in Channel5 on benefits too fat to work and 3 episodes of storage hunters uk as well as being in katie hopkins my fat story


Dancing ability


I have previously done radio voice over advert for futon beds a sponsor at 106 the mix radio. I have also worked in online radio presenting and I feel my confident and bubbly personality fits this position well within the criteria required in this I also have recently stared as an extra in bitch fight the movie and also in a music video as an extra and its my dream to progress within a career in acting or a singing career and I have recently been a lead actor in a experimental film for students at Derby University and I love to sing.

Film & Stage Crew

I have a qualification in 360 video training level1 valid from 06/11/16 - 06/11/18


TV presenter experience

No previous TV presenter experience

Radio presenter experience

Previous unpaid Radio presenter roles

  • English

  • UK English

None on tv but only radio and voiceover
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