Customer Success

If you've got a question about your profile, listing, or StarNow in general, our Customer Success team can answer them for you (we also recommend you check out our Help section). They work hard to approve every photo, listing, and headshot - and many are industry pros themselves, so they know their stuff. Our members' safety and success is our success, and the Customer Success team are our own personal superheroes. Keeping our members safe is our number one priority, and we never forget that real people of all ages and stages use StarNow. These guys are dedicated to making sure our listings are genuine and help to share plenty of advice on how to stay safe online and during auditions.

Feel free to contact them with any questions. They're very friendly.


Our Markets team looks after the casting professionals who list auditions and jobs on StarNow. Our site may be online, but the Markets team are out and about, filling the site with amazing castings for you. They attend industry events, form key partnerships, and place castings on the site from some of the biggest names in the industry.

To find out more about casting through StarNow, contact our Markets team.


Our Marketing team is responsible for growing our pool of talented members (4+ million worldwide!) on the site. They get social when it comes to media, and manage all the cool promotions and giveaways we run each year, and handle our social media pages including Facebook and Twitter.


Our Product team is responsible for the cool content, design, and user-friendliness of StarNow. Any new site features start with them before being built, such as making our website responsive, so it looks pretty no matter what device you're accessing it from. The team is made up of a designer, a business analyst, and a writer, so they can fully cover every aspect of the process.

Development & Test

Our Development team are constantly busy building new site features, improving existing ones, keeping the site up and running, as well as playing a pretty fierce game of office foosball. Meanwhile, our eagle-eyed testers check that all the new features and emails work properly before being released into the big, wide world.


Our Analytics team analyses the impact of new features, identifies areas for improvement, and gets to know our members so we can make the site as enjoyable and efficient as possible for our talent and casting professionals.

Business Services

Our Business Services team ensures that all the stuff that makes a business run smoothly is taken care of including: finance, legal, risk management, HR & office facilities.