Terry lee Coker

Art Department Member, Lighting Crew Member, Runner / Assistant, Camera Operator, Sound Crew Member,… more

London, United Kingdom
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Credits & experience

  • Lucky charm, objective productions : Guinea pig
  • Professional voice over : Electricity company via tailwind media
  • Two days in the smoke : Ferid, a business man gangster
  • Allstars vertigo films : Baliff,
  • Catherine of Alexandria : Roman citizen, supporter of Catherine
  • Carlos, forja productions Elstree film studios : Henchman role involving solo work to camera and multiple shots with attacking actor, blood vest worn, stabbed to death.
  • Alan titchmarsh show : Fight stunts working along side Abbi Collins and Gary Connery, shows how I can stunt fight, now with valuable advice and training from experts, also talking to Alan and acting out a choreographed scripted fight scene, wired for sound.
  • Sweeney the making of : The making of the Sweeney fight scene youtube
  • King of soho : Multiple roles through three decades, lots of costume changes, main role as 70's porter in scenes with Steve coogan
  • What Alice did next, theatre production : Prop design and build, photography & film, stage hand
  • The Sweeney : Featured in 3 scenes in a big budget movie, in a choreographed fighting scene with ray winstone, trained on set by tony lucken stuntman, I don't hold back and work hard to fulfil the role fully. Sound bytes taken with a line recorded.
  • Touch productions : Paid VIP pilot, full feature, with Speaking role with Duncan James presenter
  • Sian cross music video : Supporting artist with feature
  • Night and day channel 4 three mills studio : Prop building

Film & Stage Crew

Most recently I have achieved, writer, director, producer and editor of a feature I have shot which covers a wide spectrum of skills that I consider myself to be great at doing. Editing is where I feel i can show my creativity and would be happy to be sent footage to edit, colour correct and grade to a high standard alongside any sound post, foley, atmos.

Please contact me you won't be disappointed
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