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Hull, United Kingdom
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Sound Recording Example

A sound file that I recorded on a film shoot.

01Sound Recording Example

Credits & experience

  • "Humber City" webisodes/promos : Cinematographer : This is a yet to be released production.
  • "Through the Viewfinder" short film currently in progress :Director cinematographer
  • "Promotional videos for Live music events" Currently Shooting. : Camera/Cinematographer
  • Tales of Horror : Grave Refuge (short) : Director/Writer/Cinematographer/Editor
  • "Girls Night Out" Feature Film : Paid Daily working with the prop department
  • "Its Not too Late" (short) : Camera/Cinematographer
  • "These Foolish Things - Mistakes Music Video" : Director/Cinematographer/Editor
  • "The Return of Dorian Gray" (Short) : Director/Writer/Cinematographer/Editor
  • "Olivia Twist" BYFA Co-op Feature Film : 1st Assistant Director
  • Nameless (short Student Film) : Director/Writer/Cinematographer/Editor

Film & Stage Crew

A film production university graduate, Studied at Staffordshire University. Capable of working alone or in a team, well mannered, punctual and reliable. I have always been interested in all aspects of film from editing to filming, and have been making my own short films and editing since the age of 15. I am very passionate about film making and consider it an exciting process, I always love to see the finished production. Directing has always been a role that has vastly excited me I have had experience with camera work, editing, dressings and striking sets. I believe my character and previous experience would suit multiple role and allow me to show my personal strengths as well as work in an area I feel particularly passionate about. I am a confident person who can interact with people well within working environments and during the past two years I have taken responsibility within my group as team leader, director and organised the production of our films. . I would bring a mature responsible attitude to the team and give assistance when needed; I am very passionate and hard working.

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