Tomasz Oplawski

Actor, Extra, Model, Dancer, Film & Stage Crew

Dublin Region, Ireland
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Rocky Soundtrack - Eye of the Tiger

please check our skills. We love gym and we are fit!! (

Physical Details

180 cm / 5ft 11in
81 cm / 32in
78 kg / 171 lbs
Eye color:
Middle Eastern
Hair color:
96 cm / 38 in
Hair length:
Skin color:
Hair type:


  • The Gaiety School of Acting : Acting for Camera
  • The Gaiety School of Acting : Page to Stage
  • The Gaiety School of Acting : Introduction to Drama, Page to Stage, Acting for Camera
  • Swing, Syrena/ Studio of Smirnoff : Ball room - Latin- Ameriican


Acting experience

Previous paid speaking roles

  • English
  • German
  • Polish

  • German
  • Middle Eastern
  • Russian

2011 - 2013 student of The Gaiety School of Acting - acting classes: Introduction to Drama, Page to Stage, Acting for Camera; Acting for Camera 2; 9 years of dance- Ballroom and Latin-American, 2 years of Jiu-Jitsu, 2 years of Sport Acrobatic, 4 years of Kick-Boxing- achieved brown belt, Currently trainings: 5 years of Krav Maga- Israeli Self Defence System- well trained in defence against knife, baseball, bottle, gun; Nunchaku, Horse Riding. I have a Twin brother. We're professionals in creating choreographed fighting scenes. We’re fit, strong, energetic and have trained together for many years. We are twins!
"Vikings" 4th season, TV series as French Soldier - 2015
"Monged" as barman and bouncer - Filmbase feature film - 2015
"Catch a Tiger" short action, directed & produced by Gavin Kiduff;
"The Poison Pen" Feature, as bodyguard, directed by Steven Benedict, Lorna Fitzsimons;
"Zenith Protocol" - Irish Action Feature due shooting, as Vadim, Director, Producer, Writer, Action Choreographer, Dublin 2014;
"Pripyat 1986" - Short Film Shortlisted in Bloody Cuts- UK Horror Film Festival as Russian Soldier, Director and Producer, Dublin 2014;
"Dead Poets Society" - Jameson Empire 60 sec Film Festival as Father, Director and Producer, Dublin 2014;
"Android vs iPhone" - Short Film for US Competition as Super Soldier - Android, Director, Producer & Action Choreographer, Dublin 2013;
"Dead Battery Agony" - Short Film for US Competition as Super Soldier, Director, Producer & Action Choreographer,Dublin 2013;
"Mobile Game Pain" - Short Film for US Competition as Super Soldier, Director and Producer,
Dublin 2013;
"The Twins" - Jameson Empire 60sec Film Festival as Danny DeVito, Director and Producer,
Dublin 2013;
"Harlem Shake Music Video" as Actor, Director and Producer Dublin 2013;
"Product of Nation" - TV Documentary about gangster from Limerick as Russian Gangster, Dublin 2013;
"Predator" - Jameson Film Cult Club, screening of Predator 1987 as Marine Soldier, Dublin 2013;
"The Vikings" as Saxon soldier. Irish- Canadian TV series. Wicklow 2012"The Beacon" short film as Russian Soldier Dublin 2012;
"North Circular Road" feature film, Tomasz as Crew Member - Camera Operator, directed by Paul Heary, Dublin 2012;
"The Tower" as Russian Soldier, short film, Dublin 18th August, 2012;
"Compound" action short as Soldier & Action Choreographer, Directed & Produced by Ciaran Davis, 2012;
"Give Back" - Charity Promotion Video with Brendan Gleeson as Actor, produced by Derek Cleary, 2012;
"The Spy Master's Apprentice"- as Joseph King, Comedy- Action web series/feature length film from DMC Films, Dublin July 2012;
"Black Ops Squad"- B.O.C Action web series as Soldier, Assassin, Ninja (3 roles)- shoot based on Martial Arts, produced by PunchNut, Naas 2012;
"Architect of Chaos" Feature US Production as Gino Banketti, directed by William Lee on 02.07.2012;
"Prey" web series as Hitman, directed by Gerard Walsh on 06.2012;
"The Smoker and the Dame who wore red shoes as Romula, directed by Ciaron Davies;
"Ripper Street" as British Sailor and Police Officer - BBC TV series directed by Andy Wilson,05.2012;
"Caught Red Handed" as Robber- Ireland's Dumbest Criminals TV3, Dublin on 05.2012;
"Kill Your Idols" as V.I.P, directed by Leevi Lemmetty, Dublin on 05.2012;
"Mikayla W.M.D" as Special Agent, SWAT Agent, Guard (3 roles); directed by Ciarán Foy, Produced by Macdara Kelleher for Fastnet Films; Dublin- Bray Ardmore Studio on 04.2012;
"Student Project" short film pieces about human DIT Dublin, directed by Stephen Fagan, 20.04.2012;
"Wake Up" short film by DIT Dundalk, as Street Fighter, directed by Jamie Martin;
"The Red Bear" short film by DIT Dublin, as Serbian Soldier, Dublin 2012; directed by Ricardo Deaklin;
"Keys To The City" feature film, as Member of Anonymous Narcotic Meeting Group'
"Website Project" TV-Internet, as gym instructor showing many advanced gym exercises, directed by Patrick Browne;


Extras experience

Previous speaking roles


Modeling experience

Part-time model - paid commercial work

Modeling website

2012/ Photo session of Oplawski Twins shoot by Peter Livingstone/ Dublin on 04.03.2012;
2011/ Photo session of Oplawski Twins shoot by Cristina Lanchares Ascargorta/ Dublin on 07.12.2011;
2008/ as model / shoots for website of Polish Open University in Warsaw;
2001/ as model / 2 weeks modeling tour for Katrin company- producers of wedding dresses-suits;
1999/ as model/ Calendar Johnson&Johnson for 1999 in Warsaw;

TV & Reality

"Mixed Martial Arts- Fighting Demo by Oplawski Twins" as Fighter & Stunt, directed/produced/choreographed by Oplawski Twins, 10/11/12 August 2012, Dublin;
"Father Bashtard" as Passerby Twin & Homeless, MusicVideo, directed by Dean Foran, Dublin 20.08.2012;
"Caught Red Handed" as Robber- Ireland's Dumbest Criminals TV3, Dublin on 17.05.2012;
2012/ Krav Maga video performance, shoot in Mexico directed by Oplawski Twins:
MusicVideo/ for The Kanyu Tree "Congratulations" as football player/ produced by Sony Music, on 18.02.2012;
2011/ Music Video/ as dancer/ 'Thing For The Base' directed by Stephen O'Connor;
2011/ TV3 'Caught on camera'/ as Krav Maga Student / Krav Maga- Israeli Self Defence system/ TV program performance;
1995 / Television / as Youth Dancer/ Poland/ 2 weeks TV production "Dance in Winter" TV2;
1995/ Television/ as Dancer/ Poland/ years 1995-2000/ over 10 dance performances showed in TV also to the public ;TV WOT;


Dancing ability


Dance styles
  • Ballet
  • Ballroom
  • Latin American
  • Rock & Roll
  • Salsa
  • Swing
  • Tango

as dancer I was a part of over 60 Dance Competitions all over the Poland between years of my hard training 1991-2000 (Ballroom and Latin-American).

1997/ Stage/ as dancer/ Dance performance in Marriott Hotel in Warsaw;
1998 / Stage / as dancer/ Dance performance for Business Centre Club in Warsaw;
2011/ Music Video/ as dancer/ 'Thing For The Base' directed by Stephen O'Connor;

Film & Stage Crew

Very well experienced

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