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London, United Kingdom
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Physical Attributes

187 cm / 6ft 2in
100 kg / 220 lbs
White / Caucasian
111 cm / 44 in
Skin color:
88 cm / 35 in
Eye color:
Hair color:
Hair length:
Hair type:

Credits & experience

  • The Poor School : 2 year Acting


Acting experience

Previous paid speaking roles

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  • UK English

2015,Stage,Pastor Manders,GHOSTS,The Workhouse Theatre,Paul Caister
2015,Stage,Garret Fitzmaurice,GIVE ME YOUR ANSWER DO, The Workhouse Theatre,Trudi Rees
2016,Stage,Val,ORPHEUS DESCENDING,The Workhouse The Workhouse Theatre,Claire Davidson
2016,Stage,Victor,PRIVATE LIVES,The Workhouse Theatre,Paul Burton
2016,Musical, Sweeney Todd,SWEENEY TODD,The Workhouse Theatre,Grantley Buck
2016,Musical,Judge Turpin,SWEENEY TODD,The Workhouse Theatre,Grantley Buck
2016,Stage,Medvedenko,THE SEAGULL,The Workhouse Theatre,Paul Caister
2017,Stage,Capulet,ROMEO AND JULIET,The Workhouse Theatre,Brendan Jones
2017,Short Film,Business Man,OSTRICH,Picture Wheel,Simon Anderson
2017,Corporate,Cinema Manager,CATAPULT,Finrir Films,Arnar Bejamin Kristansson
2017,Musical,Sweeney Todd,GRANTLEY'S MUSICAL REVUE,The Workhouse Theatre,Grantley Buck
2017,Commercial,Fisherman Football Fan,NETWORK PLEDGES EE MOBILE,Canada London Roger Guardia
2017,Stage, Mr Abrams,PORTRAIT OF MADONNA,The Workhouse Theatre,Trudi Rees
2017,Politian,ESCAPE TO THE COUNTRY,Greenwich University TV Studio,Sam Thomas
2017,Short Film,Richard Heith,Bluebell Lodge,Visual Storm,Ed Bartholomew
2017,Music Video,Dinner Guest,WHEN YOUR GONE,Duelling Productions,Charlie Manton
2017,Web Series, Store Manager,LET ME KNOW,Joat Productions,Dego Visionz
2017,Short Film,Winston Wilson,WAYWARD,Andre Miranda Rory Metcalfe
2017,Stage,Oberon Theseus,A MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM,Rainbow Theatre Glastonbury,Nick Young
2017,Television,Courtier,PRIVATE LIVES OF MONARCHS,Like A Shot Productions UKTV,Bruce Burgess
2017,Stage Starveling,A MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM,Rainbow Theatre Highdown,Nick Young
2017,Stage Salanio/Duke,THE MERCHANT OF VENICE,Rainbow Theatre Highdown,Nick Young
2017,Short Film,Aristotle,OVERCOMING MARS,Bournemouth AUB Studio Michaela Rihova
2017,Web Series,Emanuel Swedenborg THE HISTORY OF SPIRITUALITY,Nplh Productions, Ross K Foad
2017,Short Film,Old Nick,CHRONOS,Friends London
2017,Short Film,George,THE BIRTHDAY,London Film Academy Regine Mowhill
2017,Stage, Judge, The Court.Secret Brunch Ali Madhavi
2017,Commercial, George, ASDA, Saatchi & Saatchi Jack Cloe.
2017,Short Film, Claudius, HAMLET'S GRIEF, Tiffany Productions,Will John Michael Ferris.
2017,Short Film, John, IT'S A LONG JOURNEY HOME,Ravensbourne,Joseph Gathercole Smith.
2018,Web Series,Rufus Gilbeaux, MEL, Met Film School, Adam Howe
2018,Short Film,Mother,BAKED,Heiligberg Productions,Rowan Pearce.
2018,Short Film,Waiter,SARDINES,UAL, Kevin Ching.
2018,Film Von Stoffenberg, THE CARTER SANCTION,Fywhyem Film,Eric Garson
2018,Web Series,Donald,LEMONADE,Project Goriia,Andy Amadi
2018,Corporate,Hotel Guest,THE SAVOY Luminesentdrive. Marek Mysicka
2018,Short Film,Priest,LIFE AFTERLIFE,Stolen Records Films,Max Bagshaw
2018,Short Film,The Doctor,Companion,Westminster Film School,Harry Kelf
2018,Television,Lover,National Poetry Day Film Spring in Autumn,Generation Revolution Media,Jack Jewers
2018,Short Film,Tim,The Critic,Brunel University,Ahmed Rahman
2018,Still Photography,Father,Drive of Shame,S K Photography,Slater King
2018,Short Film,Man with no legs,Happy Sunflower Productions,Joe Green
2018,Music Video,Mr Patrick, Tarsem Jassar,Turbanator,Whiz Kids Films, Navjit Buttar
2018,Short Film,Klaus Henrikson Threadbare, Number 16 Productions, Bryan Huang
2018,Feature Film,Boss, Rise Ini Kalilah Film Force Studio Sdn Bhd
2018,Music Video,The Doctor,Muncie Girls,Clinic,EdmundJohnJack,Jack Barraclough
2018,Short Film,Frank Simmons,Golem,De-Nobo Films Silas Elliot
2018,Stage,Gustav Forty,The Grand London Hotel,Secret Brunch,Ali Madhavi
2018,Music Video,The Butler,Diljit Dosanjh,Whiz Kids Films,Navjit Buttar
2018,Online,1980's Weather forecaster,Gucci Cruise Campaign,MAI Productions Jeremy Valender
2018,Television Film John Williams Free,Pegasus Productions,Yasir Akhtar
2019,Feature Film,Father Paul,Corvid's Head Unicorn Motion Pictures Ltd Sam Bhattacharjee
2019,Feature Film,Johnson,Guddiyan Patole,Villagers Film Studio,Vijay Kumar Arora
2019,Short Film,Nigel,Special Delivery,Purplecoat Limited,Karl Falconer
2019,Corporate,Journalist,Project Yavin,Cats Are Not Peas Alex Ruhl
2019,,Feature,Film,Hubert Corkhill,Once A Year On Blackpool Sands,Baby Dog Films,Karlton Parris
2019,Corporate,Robert,Clinical Skills Pro,Busy Doctor Film Production Ltd Dr Nidhi Gupta
2019,short Film,Bernie Silverman,The Syndicate,Kiysight Media,Harry Hopkins Oliver Kiy
2019,Stage,Hillbilly Bride,The London Bridge Experience,Gary White
2019,Theatre,Solicitor,Witness For The Prosecution,Eleanor Lloyd/Rebecca Stafford Productions,Lucy Bailey
2020,Feature Film,'83 Stephen Camacho Kabir Khan Films Kabir Khan
2020,Feature Film,Blackmail Inspector Ross Nollywood Factory Obi Emelonye
2021,Feature Film,Silent Twins Dr John Rees,42 Management and Production/Madants/Kindred Spirit


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