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Lincoln, United Kingdom
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Flower Lovers Annual Show Voiceover

A simple reading from a programme advertising an event.

01Flower Lovers Annual Show Voiceover
02Embassy Theatre Readout
03Radio jingle remembered
04Independent Age
05Tracy Creedy 'Protect your home'
06Tracy Creedy 2

Physical Details

162 cm / 5ft 4in
137 cm / 54 in
114 kg / 250 lbs
Dress size:
UK 22 / AUS 22 / US 18
White / Caucasian
Eye color:
over 119 cm / 47 in
Hair color:
Skin color:
Hair length:
119 cm / 47 in
Hair type:

Credits & experience

  • University of Lincoln, Lincolnshire UK : I played three different characters on a 'radio show' final year project for a student. These were Wife, Sister & Solicitor.
  • University of Lincoln, Lincolnshire UK : Doctor in a consulting room. This was for a final year project for a student.
  • Masterpiece Game Show : My husband and I went on as contestants to win £1K. It wasn't a paid role we were genuine contestants. We're now looking for more gameshows to compete in together that doesn't need mastermind brains. Anyone reading this and needs contestants get in touch.
  • Photographer, Clemens Acher : Posing as a mum in the 60's wore a wig for half of the shoot. They reccomended me afterwards.
  • Hannah Parker Casting Professional : Took part in an infomercial for a TV sales channel. They reccomended me afterwards.
  • Red Dog Film - Syria : Headmasters wife- speaking part.
  • Harlem Shake - Wasteland films : Zombie in a promo Harlem Shake video
  • Wasteland Film : I played a zombie in the film.
  • Film Cockneys V's Zombies. : I was a bag lady who had turned into a zombie and was pulling a trolley. Directed part. I was given a credit as a 'Street Zombie' at the end of the film.
  • Relocated : I relocated to the east Midlands to be nerer London and my husband whom I met on line. Then the day job took over and I've only just recently gotten back into acting in the last few years. Hence the gap here.
  • Coke Advertising Campaign : 3 day shoot with this production doing different/various directed roles for a football campaign.
  • National Lottery : Extra in a National Lottery advert.
  • Persil Tablets Launch/advertising campaign : Gained my Equity card with this one. I filmed 5 adverts as a main user and they aired 2 of them. There was one other person who had two ads aired and the rest only had one. I was also chosen for the photos which went into magazines etc.
  • Byker grove : Played an extra for 3 years with this production.
  • Touching Evil '3' TV drama with Robson Green : Extra on set 2 scenes
  • Badger TV series with Jerome Flynn. Episode 1 Series 1 : Directed extra. 3 different looks/parts.
  • TV Studio work at Jenkinsons TV studios : Basically covered running duties, continuity, set building and paperwork.
  • Bath Lane College of Arts and Tech. Graphics and media studies : 2 + 2 year course. Studied advertising campaigns from start to finish in both media and film industry. Jobs I've done are graphic artist, continuity on set and filming & editing on a basic system.
  • Backworth Drama Group (Same one as Robson Green) : Pied Piper production/play/musical


Acting experience

Previous paid speaking roles

  • English

  • UK English

At school I was in the choir and sang the part of Grandma in Oklahoma amongst other performances.

Went to Backworth Drama group in my early Teens.We did a musical of the story The Pied Piper. I had a singing part as one of the townsfolk.

I can hold a note but prefer to be harmonising with others than solo. I'd be fine for Karaoke scenes if required or Sing Star as I sing on it all of the time. I can sing out of tune for comedy scenes.

I did extra work for many years. Appeared in 'Byker grove' for 3 years.
Also appeared in Badger, Touching Evil 3, Nostradamus, The Throwaways, Coke adverts, National Lottery Advert & a Travel Advert.
I gained my Equity card in 1998 but chose to drop out around 2005 due to finances.


Extras experience

Previous speaking roles


Modeling experience

Part-time model - paid commercial work

I was the 'mum' on the Persil tablets ads in 1998. See my profile for my adverts that were aired. The camera likes me and I take direction well. You can dress me up, do my hair and tell me to pose anyway you like.My hair will straighten and I can wear coloured contacts if required. At my most recent modelling job I was told I am really easy to work with.
I'm a large lady a size 22-24 but have been told I have a pretty face so head shots are an option for you and me.
I do not do nudity in any shape or form.

TV & Reality

Featured in two adverts for the launch of Persil Tablets in 1998. I was also their chosen model for the magazine campaign.
My extra parts until recently were mostly TV productions.
I was an extra in a production called 'Still Life' which is yet to be released. I played a London city office worker.
I appeared in two adverts in 1998 for the launch of Persil Tablets.
2013 -14 I played a zombie 3 times in films Wasteland and now cult film Cockneys V's Zombies.
July 2013 a speaking roll in a short film called Syria.
With my husband, who is also a supporting artist we have appeared in infomercials.


TV presenter experience

Previous unpaid TV presenter roles

  • English

  • UK English

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