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Physical Attributes

170 cm / 5ft 7in
72 kg / 158 lbs
White / Caucasian
Skin color:
Eye color:

Credits & experience

  • Ecological University, Faculty of Arts, : Acting


Acting experience

Previous paid speaking roles

  • English
  • French

  • Russian

Tudor Smoleanu (b. 22 October 1971 in Ploie?ti, Romania) graduated from the Faculty of Arts of the Ecological University of Bucharest in 1994, getting his BA at the National University of Theatre and Film “I.L. Caragiale” Bucharest (UNATC), then quickly started his collaboration with various theatres in Romania (B?rlad, Sf?ntu Gheorghe, Ploie?ti). His longest collaboration was with the “Toma Caragiu” Theatre from Ploie?ti. His career on stage until now added to his resume lots of important roles, but this didn’t keep him away from film, acting in shorts and features, easily adapting from comedy to drama, and excersising his writing skills with the comedy short film One Flew Over the Turkeys’ Nest in 2003. In 2012 he was awarded Best actor in a supporting role by UCIN (Romanian Filmmakers’ Union) and in 2013 he was nominated for the same award at the GOPOs (Romanian Film Industry Awards), for playing Buzila, in Dan Chi?u’s comedy Chasing Rainbows. He is a founding member of the Asocia?ia Culturala Arkadia, an organization that started in 2014 an international short film festival called Arkadia Shortfest.


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