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London, United Kingdom
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B.Dot - I don't wanna.

Track thats still in progress 1 more edit to go till the final edit. I wrote & performed the lyrics.

01B.Dot - I don't wanna.
02B.Dot - The Rising
03B.Dot - Words of Intelligence
04B.Dot - Forward and Straight!
05B.Dot - Finally
06B.dot ft Jasonair The Opening!
07B.dot - Outside Of Hell
08B.dot - The Secret Pt1
09B.dot - The Secret Pt2
010B.dot - Them ones
11B.dot - Understand

Physical Attributes

182 cm / 6ft 0in
97 kg / 213 lbs
Black / African descent
101 cm / 40 in
Skin color:
Less than 50 cm / 20 in
Eye color:
Hair color:
Hair length:
Hair type:


Acting experience

Previous paid speaking roles

  • English

  • UK English

I have been in wide range of different types of productions.

Purgatory - Hipopera ( Hip-hop musical) with London Urban Collective.
Played Manny Steele - A dead paranoid schizophrenic in anti purgatory level 1. June 2010 - Feb2011

Adidas advertisement - (Extra) 2011

A Tender Subject (Critically acclaimed production about gay prisoners)
with Artangel & Mark Storer.
Played a gay prisoner in room 1 & dancing silhouette.
Feb 2012 - Mar 2012

Love Re-imagined (Verbatim style theatre production played 2 parts male & female) with Ellie Browning.
Played Mary & Jacob.
Mar 2013

Shrift (Short film) with Venture Wolf Productions.
Played the role of Chris Frankies henchman.
July 2013

Artic Monkeys music video (extra) with Artic Monkeys & Academy Films.
July 2013

Death Walks (feature film) with independant film-maker Spencer Hawken.
Played a Level 1 Zombie.
July 2013 - 29th September 2013

Last Train (horror trailer) with independant film-maker Hassan Ali
Played ghoulish passenger.
July 2013

Allow me to upgrade you (Musical film)
Played Gang VC Member.
June - July 2013

Roll of the dice. (Short film)
Played the role of an office worker.
August 2013

Sarkodie ft Fuse ODG (music video)
Played a prison inmate.
August 2013

I am zombie (short film)
played role of zombie bar dweller
August 2013

Halcyon Heights (feature film) Produced by Victoria Brittain co-starred with Ruben Johnson.
Played the role of Withdrawn Warren.
September 2013

Monsta "Evolution" (music video.) With Chrome productions.
Played gang member.
October 2013

Temi Doll face "Beep" (music video) with Mrs Grey productions
Played Audiene member
October 2013

Prototype (short film)
played soldier 2
October 2013

Gatwick gangsters (feature film)
Played drug dealer T man (rumoured)
December 2013

Kill Day (web series)
Playing cameraman the second
December 2013

Turning point (short film)
Played Ty
January 2014

The big thank you
played crowd member(extra)
Febuary 2014

Adidas TV commercial
played crowd member
march 2014

No reasons (feature film)
playing Julian's henchman
march 2014

Benny Banks "See Me Now" (music video)
Played pub regular
March 2014

Majnun (short film)
Played ex offender
April 2014

Butterfly (short film)
Played villain
April 2014

Essex Vendetta (feature film)
Played doorman
May 2014

Lucinda belle promo music video
Played punter
June 2014

Postcode Red (short film)
Played shop manager
July 2014

Capture the flag "run boy run" (music video)
Played red team member
July 2014

My month with Mrs Potter (feature film)
Played Dylan
July 2014

Guinness TV advert/online viral
Played crowd member
July 2014

The Krays: Legend (feature film)
Played prisoner
August 2014

Razor ft Gappy Ranks “Stay Away” (music video)
Played “so-called” friend
August 2014

PREMature (TV series)
Played bouncer
Sept 2014

Backyard Bully "LONDON" (music video)
Played thoughtful man
Sept 2014

T-Pain "Drinking Patna" music video
Played bar regular
Sept 2014

Tomorrow (feature film)
played restaurant goer
Sept 2014

Roasted (TV pilot)
Played café regular
Feb 2015

Button Eyes music video
Played Guard
Feb 2015

Head on (music video)
played Bernie
Feb 2015

Unlikely Friends (short film)
Played Mr Strat.
Feb 2015

Bad Business (short film)
Played Mike
March 2015

Alleycats ( feature film)
Played mechanic
April 2015

City of tiny lights ( feature film)
Played club goer
May 2015

Animal Black Ops (animal planet TV series)
Played Syndicate leader Frank Barends
May 2015

The Barometer Of My Heart (live art performance)
Played Raging Bull
aug-oct 2015

The Black Shadow (short film/TV show)
Played Aye and gang member.
nov-dec 2015

Genie jobs
Played Daniel
Jan 2016

Day One(short film)
Played Henchman
Feb 2016

The Plug (web series)
Played The Plug
march 2016


Extras experience

Previous speaking roles


Modeling experience

Beginner, starting out

Minimal experience.

Adidas commercial with Wretch 32, David Beckham, Keith Lemon and many more.

Artic Monkeys music video with Artic Monkeys & Academy films.
July 2013

Sarkodie ft Fuse ODG (music video)
August 2013

Monsta "Evolution" (music video.) With Chrome productions.
October 2013

Temi Doll face "Beep" (music video) with Mrs Grey productions
October 2013

Samia ft Sweetie (music video)


Rapping ability


Favourite genres
  • Electronic
  • Hip-hop

Influences: Devlin, Drake, J Cole, Scorher, Wretch 32 An Many More!!!

Rapper/Grime artist

Purgatory - Hipopera - Played Manny Steele - A dead paranoid schizophrenic in anti purgatory level 1 (Hip-hop musical) 2010 - 2011

Islingtons got Talent WINNER! (As part of rap group Retroset) 2010

Own music video on youtube (B.Dot - On the run.) 2011

Adaptation - (Music project involving Secret sessions creative director Harriet -Jordan Wrench & signed artist Random Impulse.) Mar - May 2013

Also if you check my profile you will find my relevant acting music experience and some of my own tracks.

TV & Reality

Please check my relevent acting experience

Film & Stage Crew

if you check my profile you will find relevant information on my acting experience.


Photography experience

Part-time professional (paid work)


  • English

  • UK English

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