Tyrone Nestor

Tyrone Nestor Pro

London, United Kingdom


A = Advertiser

Absolute machine of a man! Pleasure to work with and a joy to have on set, highly recommended!

Recommended for Extras Jan 6, 2020

Very talented actor, easy to work with. Takes Direction very well.

Recommended for Acting Dec 13, 2019

Recommended for Acting Jun 19, 2018

A multitalented perfomer with a lot of drive and enthusiasm

Recommended for Acting Mar 31, 2018

wonderful talent, keep it up.

Recommended for Acting Jan 11, 2018

Great profile . Tyrone’s Profile shows a lot of character and personality. soo much potential to achieve great things in 2018.

Recommended for Acting Jan 9, 2018

Wow this guy has a lot of professional experience! Good luck to you for 2018 as well!!

Recommended for Acting Jan 9, 2018

Loves and lives what he does. Would recommend any casting producer/director!

Recommended for Acting Jan 8, 2018

Very professional, great guy, versatile in his look

Recommended for Acting Oct 14, 2017

Stunning profile.! We do the best job in the world, It's hard but we keep that far dream close to our heart. I wish you all the best with your artistic career. David Galea

Recommended for Acting Apr 1, 2017

Multi talented!

Recommended for Acting Oct 30, 2016

Tyrone is an awesome hilarious guy on set and I enjoyed working with him. He is also competent and dedicated to his craft and is willing to strive ahead to achieve success. We had a ball by indulging in funny banter and cracking each other up. It has been amazing and I look forward to another collaboration.

Recommended for Acting Sep 21, 2016

It goes without saying this is one great guy i had the pleasure of appearing in a great music video with a true star and will go very far in his acting profession I'm so looking forward to working with this great actor again

Recommended for Acting Sep 14, 2016

Good pictures and videos, wishing you luck for the future.

Recommended for Acting Sep 6, 2016

I had the pleasure of filming a football shoot with Tyrone. He is imaginative, talented and highly professional.

Recommended for Acting May 9, 2016

Tyrone was really great to work with, and extremely enthusiastic and motivated.

Recommended for Acting Feb 15, 2016

Tyrone is a good and very professional actor, who thinks, not only follows.

Recommended for Acting Jan 2, 2016

Great work

Recommended for Acting Jun 25, 2015

A first class actor

Recommended for Acting Apr 14, 2015

Having worked with Tyrone a few times now he has always proved to be professional, positive and keen to deliver great results. Always keen to get involved in new projects I'm looking forward to the next time we meet.

Recommended for Acting Mar 9, 2015