Valerie Deniz

Location London, United Kingdom
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Credits, Schools & Workplaces

  • The mouth of Ghosts (Band) : Synths and bv's
  • Universal Publishing Production Music : Singer, Lyricist
  • WAM (Publicis Group) : lyricist
  • WAM (Publicis Group) : Singer
  • Universal Publishing Production Music : Singer, Lyricist



Produced by Unippm, used to ad for Star Trek on CBS action UK

Vocal ability:
  Lead singer
Vocal range:
Singing styles
  • Pop
  • Rock
Favourite genres
  • Pop
  • Indie
Influences: Portishead, Goldfrapp, Radiohead, Morcheeba

March-August 2012 Universal Publishing Production Music ,
« upcoming Positive Girl», GAL, Paris
« Punk Rock Attitude», (GAL109)
« Sounds like Summer 2» (KOK2343)
Singer, lyricist
March – July 2012 PEER Music, demo tracks for Nolwenn Leroy
Association “Planete Autisme”
April 2012 ORANGE, « Orange Ciné Day » , commercial (WAM, Publicis), Paris
Lyricist, translation
• Translated an existing french song into english
February 2012 EUGENE PERMA, commercial (WAM, Publicis), Paris
TEDxReset Istanbul,
Live performance, Singer, Piano
• Performed to an audience up to 500 people, followed online by 20'000
January 2012 ORANGE, commercial (WAM, Publicis), Paris
July 2011 ASHCOMBE recording of 3 tracks for “The Dice” Album
Produced by Paul Godfrey (Morcheeba)
• Recorded at Moog Island Studio
• group songwriting
Universal Publishing Production Music
« Reality TV- Challenge and Contest» (KOK2335) , Paris
Singer, lyricist
• Co-Wrote songs and lyrics in designated moods and musical styles
• Worked and Recorded the lead performance at Omega Studio, Paris
• Song « STAY WITH ME » synchronized on UK TV channel CBS Action to ad for Star Trek,
DSTV promo ad in Africa, Neighbours promo ad in Australia
March 2011 ENDEMOL, «Carré VIP», reality tv show, Paris
Singer, lyricist
• Worked on the music production of the show
• Composed and performed the lead vocals and harmonies in different given music styles
• Wrote lyrics
June 2010 NESTLE, « Special-T » French commercial (WAM, Publicis), Paris
GARNIER « Cafein Roll-on » French commercial (WAM, Publicis), Paris
• Was given an artist contract by the Nestle Group and L'Oréal.
• Recorded at the prestigious studio Omega, in Paris,
• Performed and composed the lead vocals and harmonies for different versions until agreed.
• Performed all music search and worked closely with references given by the companies to
exhibit teamwork ability.
• Enhanced ability to work under pressure through meeting last minute deadlines via increased

April 2010 Universal Publishing Production Music, «LUXE» (KOK2324), Paris
Singer, lyricist
• Wrote all lyrics for a designated subject and song.
• Recorded the lead performance on the song « Stay Away » and directed another artist
performing my lyrics on « dream come true ».
• Gained noteworthy publishing experiencatalogue.

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