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Birmingham, United Kingdom
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Audio clip - Audition

I am new to VO work, but would like to give it a try in order to branch out. Att:Scripted VO piece

01Audio clip - Audition

Physical Attributes

165 cm / 5ft 5in
59 kg / 129 lbs
White / Caucasian
93 cm / 37 in
Skin color:
88 cm / 35 in
99 cm / 39 in
Dress size:
UK 12 / AUS 12 / US 8
Eye color:
Hair color:
Hair length:
Hair type:

Credits & experience

  • One Day: Short Film : Lead role - Mother
  • Tyrannosaur & the secret garden: Short film (Award winning) : Support lead role (Queen Bee)
  • The Man in the mask: Feature film : Speaking role (Mother)
  • Patient 52: Feature film : Background artist (Nurse 5)
  • Easy Money: Music Video - Artist: Joseph Adalu: Mother figure
  • Crazy Bout My Girl : Music Video - Artist: Joseph Adalu : Manniquin/Girl next door
  • GEM : Short film - Lead role - Mrs Robinson (Teacher)
  • The Quiet One : Feature Film - Supporting Lead role (As Karen) - A Jon Pegg & Lou Murrall film.
  • An Unfortunate Woman : Short Film - Lead role (Kathleen Mumford)
  • The Royals: TV series : Featured Supporting artist (Regal mourner)
  • Father Brown (Series 2 - episode 10) : TV Series - Featured Extra (Villager)
  • Walking on sunshine : Feature Film - Extra (Holiday Maker)
  • Partner in crime (P.I.C) : Feature Film - Extra (Clubber)
  • All about Janet : Short film - Lead role (Janet)
  • Doctors : TV Series - Walk on named character (Tes)
  • Delusions : Short Film - Lead Role (Psychiatrist)
  • Doctors : TV Series - Featured Extra (Woman PC)
  • Presenting / VO : Shelving Direct website
  • Cheese on toast : Comedy sketch TV Series (Pilot episode) Lead roles - Gallery Assistant/ Real Boss. (Directed by James Sharpe)
  • All Stars : Feature Film - Featured Extra role (as Audience/Crowd Member) - A Vertigo Films production (Directed by: Ben Gregor)..
  • Crazy mad lover 2: Feature film : Supporting artist (Clubber)
  • The Ladies Club : Short Film - Lead role (Melanie)
  • Model Assignment : Promo Pics for new sister business (Website, brochures & vehicle fleet): Model for Shelving Direct
  • Porcelain Presence : Feature Film - Support Lead role (Sandra Beeson)
  • Enamour : Short Film - Lead role (Katie Flores) - Directed by Phillip Wiseman
  • Walls : Short Film - Lead role (Mother) - Directed by Andrew McGovern
  • Celestial Sisters : Feature film - Featured Extra (Warrior) - Rotunda Films (Directed by Kevin MacDonagh)
  • Model Assignment - Promo Pics for new sister company of Rotadex (Website promo, brochure, fleet) : Model (Face of company) for Rotadex Systems Ltd
  • Kaleidoscope Man (Currently filming) : Feature film - Featured Extra role (Screaming crowd member) - Alphastar Productions (Directed by Simon Cox)
  • Bladder Run : Feature film (Spoof film of Blade Runner) - Featured Extra role (As Living Doll / Crowd member) - A Steel Saphire production (Directed by Mark Hevingham)
  • Wonderful World : Short film. Lead Role - Stacy. (Directed by Emma Finlan)
  • My Obsessive Compulsive Childhood : TV Reconstruction Documentary - A Production (Directed by Sara Auty).
  • Beauty & The Beast (Disney's) : Musical Theatre Production (Amateur).
  • Meadowlark (TV Pilot - Soap opera) : Soap opera (Episodes 1-5) - Lead role - Mary Harvey. Directed by Jase Exton.
  • The Eschatrilogy (Award Winning - 2nd Place - Best Independent Feature Film) : Feature Film - Supporting Lead role (As Mother/Zombie) - A Safehouse Pictures production (Directed by: Damien Morter)
  • Model Assignment - Promo Pics for new business (Website promo) : Model for Sharp Retoucher
  • Model Assignment - Save the Rhino (Campaign Poster) : Model for Danielle Tunstall
  • Model Assignment - The Eye (Book cover) : Model for Danielle Tunstall
  • Fairytale (Award winning - Best Short Film) : Short film - Lead role (As Mother) - A Loose Cannon Films production (Directed by: Andrew Collier).
  • Molly Crows : (Award winning) Feature Film - Lead role (As Mrs Robinson) - A Flashgun Films production (Directed by: Ray Andrew Wilkes).
  • Music Video for Women in Black - The Dark Watchers : Music video with the band "No Redemption"
  • The Dark Watchers - Women in black : Feature Film - Lead role (As Sammie) - A Reality Films productions (Directed by: Phillip Gardiner)
  • Aleister Crowley - Legend of the Beast : Feature Film - Lead role (as part of "Older" Rose) - A Lenoir Films production (Directed by: Dom Lenoir)
  • Hello Dolly : Musical Theatre Production (Amateur)
  • Oliver! : Musical Theatre Production (Amateur)
  • Carousel : Musical Theatre Production (Amateur)
  • South Pacific : Musical Theatre Production (Amateur)
  • My Fair Lady : Musical Theatre Production (Amateur)
  • Mac & Mabel : Musical Theatre Production (Amateur)


Acting experience

Previous paid speaking roles

Acting agent

Centre Stage Casting

  • English

  • UK English

I have featured in several feature films & short films - mainly playing lead & supporting lead roles.

The film "Aleister Crowley - Legend of the beast" (2012) was selected to screen in 2012's London Film Festival - this was a cinematic biopic period film.

A short film I starred in called "Fairytale" was selected to air at fourteen film festivals throughout the US and UK in 2012 and it won an award for "Best film" in it's category - A drama.

A further film called "The Eschatrilogy" made the UK & international film circuit at festivals and aired at several of them. It won 2 awards and received great reviews overall.

"Molly Crows" made it's way around festivals worldwide and won the "Best Drama" award at Portobello festival and "Best Horror" award in Moscow.

"An Unfortunate woman" & "Porcelian presence" are films I play lead/support lead roles in. I have also produced on both of these projects. I also acted as 1st AD in Porcelain Presence.
"An unfortunate woman" was also been selected for the short film corner in Cannes festival (2014).

I have acting experience in the following areas:
* Feature films
* Short film
* Soap opera
* Reconstruction Drama
* Musical theatre productions
* Music Video

I have undertaken roles in the following genres:
* Horror
* Drama
* Thriller
* Sci-fi
* Cinematic Biopic/Period
* Comedy
* Rom Com
* Period drama

I'm interested in working in TV work & films in particular. All roles will be considered (but Not "adult" films).
I am a confident, friendly, go-getting type of person and I apply myself well to any given situation. I enjoy a challenge and I welcome roles which will allow me to step out of a comfort zone and which require a good level of acting skill. I would love to get involved in an action movie, as it's something I've not yet done.


Extras experience

Previous speaking roles


Modeling experience

Part-time model - paid commercial work

Relatively new to modelling work, I have little by way of experience in this area. However, I have been a photographic model for the wonderfully talented photographer/artist (Danielle Tunstal) for two of her projects:- Namely for a book cover (hand/eye pic) and for a promotional poster campaign (Save the Rhinos).

I have also been a photographic Promotional model for a new business website (for Photo editing/retouching services - Sharp Retoucher).

More recently I was selected as a promotional model for a shelving company (Shelving Direct). I feature on their website & am the face on their vehicle fleet.

TV & Reality

I have worked on:
* 3 x episodes of Doctors
* 1 x episode of Father Brown
* 5 x pilot episodes for a TV soap called Meadowlark.
* 1 x pilot episode for a TV comedy series called Cheese on toast.
* 1 x episode of The Royals

Film & Stage Crew

Art & Costume Design ability


Directing & Writing ability


Runner or Assistant ability


Co-Producer - All about Janet
1st Assistant Director - Porcelain presence
Co-producer - An Unfortunate woman
Associate producer - Porcelain presence
Costume Design - An unfortunate woman
Props - An unfortunate woman & porcelain presence
Assistant Runner - various
Writer / Co-Writer


  • English

  • UK English

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