Veronica Cloherty

Veronica Cloherty

New South Wales, Australia


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Excellent actor/director, makes everyone feel comfortable

Recommended for Acting Jan 22, 2020

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Tireless visionary

Recommended for Filmmaker Jan 18, 2020

Not only a natural beauty, Veronica was the Director/Writer/Producer and actor to the film "Twice". I was completely blown away by her performance, professionalism and character. Would love to work with her again!

Recommended for Writing or Directing Jan 3, 2020

Veronica was really energetic and professional at all times.

Recommended for Acting Jan 3, 2020

StarNow Verified

Great to work with. Managed to put a production together in a very short timefrome. Look forward to further opportunities with her in the future.

Recommended for Filmmaker Jan 2, 2020

You're an inspiration to work for, thanks Veronica. Wishing you all the best with your important film for Tropfest.

Recommended for Filmmaker Jan 2, 2020

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Veronica is a very talented individual and a pleasure to work with. She brings a great energy to set, makes everyone feel welcomed and has their best interest at heart. From Writing, Directing, Producing and Acting... What can't she do?

Recommended for Acting Jan 2, 2020

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An absolute pleasure to work on set with Veronica. Veronica is full of positive energy, professional and a pleasure to be around. Hopefully we meet on set again in the near future! ??

Recommended for Writing or Directing Jan 2, 2020

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I recently worked with Veronica on a short film not only is she a great actress she’s a great director one of the friendliest short films I’ve worked she was very professional very easy to approach highly recommend her and hopefully to work with her in the future

Recommended for Acting Jan 2, 2020

What a talent! I worked with Veronica most recently on a short film titled ‘Twice’. Not only did she write, direct and produce the film, she also acted the lead role. She did a fantastic job of all four! She is brave, determined, personable, knows exactly what she wants, and is so easy to work with. I recommend her highly and would definitely work with her again.

Recommended for Acting Jan 1, 2020

She is a great human being with a golden hearted star. She is a also great director. She makes new comers feel comfortable with her awesome charming sparks. :)

Recommended for Acting Dec 29, 2019

One passionate actor/director, so much fun working with this talented human :)

Recommended for Casting Dec 29, 2019

Veronica's acting didn't just impress me, it forced me to learn how much one great performance can transform a project. Seriously, she just 'gets it.' She knew exactly who her character was and what the film needed, and then she hit the mark every. single time. I couldn't believe it! I never had to worry about her. Not once. Money can't buy that.

Recommended for Acting Aug 10, 2019

Veronica was selected as a lead actress in a TVC project. She’s got a lot energy, pro active, professional, good acting and responsible. Highly recommended. We were so glad to have her in our TVC.

Recommended for Acting Oct 23, 2018