Victoria Wesson

Victoria Wesson

Warrington, United Kingdom


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I hired Victoria to undertake the part of a film character for an immersive experience before a film screening (Grimmfest - The Blair Witch Project). They were able to communicate effectively before and after the event. They took notes well in relation to character and costume, which they supplied themselves. They entered into the spirit of the event and brought their character to life. I was really pleased with their performance and would highly recommend them for similar performances.

Recommended for Acting Aug 12, 2019

Beautifully bubbly actor, she is very passionate on set and can be relied on, she brings light to the set and is a delight to work with. She played the role of a mum in my most recent short film and needed nearly no direction as she fit into this role easily. Was a pleasure to work with her and I would recommend her as a talented worker.

Recommended for Acting Jul 18, 2019

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Victoria is hard working and takes direction well, she brightens up the set. I very much hope to work with her again soon.

Recommended for Acting Jun 21, 2019

Vik is a fantastic actor who takes direction really well. She is patient and kind, even when things go wrong on set! I would not hesitate to work with her again!

Recommended for Acting May 16, 2019

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I worked with Vicky on a production at The Manchester Film School. She absolutely impressed on the casting session when we asked her to portray the emotions of a mom who lost her daughter to suicide. Vicky maintained a professional attitude during our two shoot days. She never let us down or complain about setting up times etc. I'd absolutely recommend working with Vicky, she is a lovely person to be around and a very talented actress. She brought out the best from a demanding role.

Recommended for Acting May 13, 2019

I enjoyed my day filming with Vicky, great actor and so naturally talented, would love work with Vicky again had so much fun..

Recommended for Acting May 10, 2019

Came a huge long way to help us out, very keen and understanding on set when things aren't going too smooth! Up for improvisation and a great actress, fantastic attitude!

Recommended for Acting May 2, 2019

Easy to work and get along with. Absolutely wonderful actress and person in general. Passionate, keen and a real joy to work with.

Recommended for Acting Apr 27, 2019

Easy to work with, bringing professionalism into shooting, alongside laughter and joy!

Recommended for Acting Apr 8, 2019

Victoria was great to work worth with as an actor for a short film of mine. A lot of fun and very understanding, took direction very well and acted brilliantly.

Recommended for Acting Apr 7, 2019

Victoria performed the role well and was very easy to talk to and work with. I would happily recommend her for any extra work.

Recommended for Extras Apr 5, 2019

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It was great to work with Victoria, she was always professional and a good person to have on set. Very prompt with replies and always tried to make the shoot easier for everyone else. I would highly recommend her to anyone interested.

Recommended for Acting Apr 2, 2019

A lovely person, pleasure to work with, hilarious and created a great atmosphere on set .

Recommended for Acting Feb 27, 2019

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Really friendly on set and took direction well. Someone I'd love to work with agian and would thoroughly recommend!

Recommended for Extras Jan 21, 2019