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john griffiths sv

01john griffiths sv

Physical Attributes

185 cm / 6ft 1in
87 kg / 191 lbs
White / Caucasian
109 cm / 43 in
Skin color:
96 cm / 38 in
Eye color:
Hair color:
Hair length:
Hair type:

Credits & experience

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Acting experience

Previous paid speaking roles

  • English

  • UK English, Father Abbott, "O" Jerusulem, Les Films de I'instant, Elie Chouraqui
Film, Julian, Cries From Beyond, Buckmaster Productions, John Buckmaster
Film, Shane, Harvest, Buckmaster Productions, John Buckmaster
Film, Peter. Lead, In Memory of Laura, Makovision Films 2006, Michael Frank
Film, Charlie., Manhood, N.F.S., Yuan Huang
Film, Roy, Mikey's Wake, Buckmaster Productions, John and Peter Buckmaster
Film, Humphrey, Pick Ups, Jarjoura Productions, Annie Swann
Film, Darwin Cole. Lead, Rock et Man., A.F.T.R.S., Adrian Van De Velde
Film, Admiral Melaan, Star Wars. The Dark Redemption, Foxtel, Peter Mather
Film, Cpl. Greenheart, Stranded, Hallmark Productions, Johan Wyss
Film, Max Wiley, Tender Blessings, Script to Screen Productions, Paul Andersen
Film, Hitman, The Mind of God, A.F.T.R.S., Adrian van de Velde
Film, Runner, The Runner, Script to Screen Productions, Paul Andersen
Film, Duellist, The Venus Factory, Tomahawk Productions, Jason Gooden
Film, Trampman, The Wayfarers, A.F.T.R.S., Robin Lloyd
2016 Film. Narrator as Gustave Holme. 100 Bayswater Road, 100 Bayswater Road Productions Ltd., Ciro Apicella
2016 Film. George. Totality., N.F.S., Alex Walker.
2016 Film. Panel Host., X-Run, N.F.S., Naomi Pilgrim.
2016 Film. Al. Protege, Indie, Christopher Tom Lang.
2017 Film. The Prophet. The Prophet. JWE Productions. John Ernest Williams.
2017 Film. Eric . Among Thieves. USW. Alexandros Mattei.
2017 Film. Mr.Parker. No Dogs. UOP. Rebecca Creighton.
2017 Film. Alfie. Always and Forever. Royal Holloway. Rawly Mars.
2017 Film. Elderly Gentleman. Subtitled. Papillio Pictures. Rhys Williams.
2017 Film. William Emmett.William Emmett's The Tempest. USWFS. Owen Wyn Jones.
2017 Film. "The Doctor". Narrow the Path. Annifilic Studios. Luke Walters.
2017 Film. Dock Worker. Being Brunel. Centre Screen Productions. Paul Kucharski.
2018 Film. Nigel Bant. Visiting Order. B.W.Productions. Barrie Willacott.
2018 Film. The Oligarch. Anhedonia. Quandary Productions. Michael Henry.
2018.Film. Edgar. Clean. We Are Cowboys. Richard Paris Wilson.
2018.Film. Professor Harry Smith. Interstellar. Cinemerse. Rhiannan Falshaw-Skelly.
2019. Film. Farmer Jones. A USW Production. Charlie Lewis.

2017 Stage. Malcolm. CRIS/PIN. Three Nights in May. Allan Neve.

Television, Anaesthetist 12 episodes, All Saints, 7 Network, Various
Television, Celebrant, Fallen Angels, ABC Australia, Scott Paterson
Television, Dr.Phillips, Heartbreak High, Gannon Television Pty. Ltd., Ian Gilmore
Television, Maitre d', Home and Away, Channel 7 Australia, Mark Piper
Television, Hippie Jake, Home and Away, Channel 7 Australia, Mark Piper
Television, Frank Gabor, Murder Call (Short Circuit), Southern Star Entertainment, Ian Watson
Stage, The Guvnor, How Does Your Garden Grow, GLS Productions State Theatre Sydney, Annie Swann
Stage, Captain Swan, Piracy, Plyrs. Australia Ensemble Belvoir Street Theatre, Michael Linney
Stage, Godfrey Blessings, The Tragedy of the Man, Players Australia Ensemble, Michael Linney
Commercial, V/O., Castrol XL, Song Zu Sydney, Adrian van de Velde
Commercial, Snooty Driver, Cherokee Jeeps, N.Z.Productions, ---
Commercial, Count Dracula, Moore Cigarettes. Phillipines., N.Syney Studios., .
Commercial, V/O. SBS Television Australia, SBS Promotion, SBS, Janet Collins
Commercial, V/O., Sydney Maritime Museum, S.M.M., Michael Bolton- Hall
Commercial, V/O., Think Floyd., Digital Dreams, Alexander Louizidis
Commercial, V/O., Toyota V6 Vienta, Song Zu Sydney, Adrian van de Velde


Modeling experience

Full-time model - paid commercial work

Modeling agent

Brown and Mills

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