Wanjiku Gitau

Wanjiku Gitau

London, United Kingdom


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Wanjiku is a very confident creative young lady although youthful by looks. She's skilled and talented in creating images and documentating real inspirational stories. I truely enjoy working with her and would highly recommend working with her. But catch up with her quick as she's highly in demand globally.

Recommended for Photography Oct 26, 2019

Wanjiku was amazing! Punctual, professional and welcoming -- couldn't have asked for anyone else for the shoot! I can highly recommend Wanjiku for her quality work, indispensable ideas and service she brought to the table. Working with Wanjiku has not only been a pleasure, but also impressive experience. Highly recommended!

Recommended for Photography Jul 8, 2019

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Extremely professional, punctual and a very good photographer. Enjoyed working with her.

Recommended for Photography Jul 2, 2019

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Highly professional photographer with good attention to detail and direction, lots of creativity, lovely lady!

Recommended for Photography Jul 1, 2019

Jiji is so outgoing and easy to work with. As a model it makes a shoot so much more enjoyable when the photographer makes you feel calm and encourages you to express yourself in front of the camera. Would highly recommended her as a photographer!

Recommended for Photography Jun 29, 2019

Very very talented photographer. Wanjiku has great vision, very creative and is very good at making the models feel comfortable during shoot. Its always a pleasure shooting with her and I will look forward to working with her again!

Recommended for Photography Jun 26, 2019

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Wanjiku is great to work with. During the shoot she is both professional and very friendly, able to relax the model and communicate the fabulous ideas she has. The shoot becomes a really enjoyable time, which shows in the final photos. I highly recommend Wanjiku and hope to have opportunities to work with her in future.

Recommended for Photography Jun 18, 2019

Very easy going & fun to work with!! Had a blast shooting together not to even mention her eye for amazing angles and pictures! Quality!

Recommended for Photography Jun 11, 2019

Wanjiku is a pleasure to work with! She is friendly, a person of good character and knows how to put you at ease. She is both dedicated and passionate about her craft, and this also shows in the quality of images that she produces. I would trust her with my portfolio!

Recommended for Photography Jun 6, 2019

Very proffesional, friendly and easy to work with! Had an amazing time and took breath taking shots. She also had the best locations, big ideas, made me feel comfortable and gave very good instructions for poses. I highly recommend.

Recommended for Photography Jun 3, 2019

Very professional a truly amazing person. I would definitely recommend her, she is very serious about her craft and is punctual and is very funny. 10/10.

Recommended for Photography May 31, 2019

Lovely to work with! Made me feel at ease & very comfortable throughout the whole session! Would highly recommend her! I'd work with her a million times over!!!

Recommended for Photography May 28, 2019

So great to work with. Felt so confortable . Very professional and genuinely a great and funny person. Would definitely work with jiji again! Had such a positive experience:)

Recommended for Photography May 23, 2019

It’s so nice to work with Jiji,she’s very professional giving loads of good tips for poses and patience. She’s got good energy to work with. The shooting has been fun and efficient,would definitely recommend Jiji!

Recommended for Photography May 22, 2019

Excellent photographer. Great eye for a shot. Put me at ease straight away. Calm, relaxed, chilled demeanour- but also enthusiastic & a pleasure to work with!

Recommended for Photography May 20, 2019

A brilliant photographer who captured my personality on camera. I enjoyed my time being a model. Thanks.

Recommended for Photography May 18, 2019

I would not hesitate to recommend Wanjiku not only is she a brilliant photographer but a really lovely person. I felt very relaxed and comfortable within seconds of our meeting. The shoot went super smooth a really great time with super talented lovely friendly lady.

Recommended for Photography May 18, 2019

It was great working with Wanjiku. She was very professional at doing her work and really great at it. I saw some of the shots she took and they were stunning even before editing. On top of that, she was really friendly and down to earth. I highly recommend her!

Recommended for Photography May 14, 2019

What an amazing photographer Wanjiku is. She professional, friendly and makes you feel comfortable and gives you guidance. We had an amazing shoot and definitely would recommend her!!! Would love to work with her again.

Recommended for Photography May 14, 2019

I absolutely loved workingWanjiku , very caring, motivates and gives great directions to assure capturing the best shoots. Fun and professional environment. 100! Recommend can’t wait to work together again!

Recommended for Photography May 11, 2019