Yesim Gulasi

Yesim Gulasi

New South Wales, Australia


A = Advertiser

Very professional to work with. Listens and takes direction very well. Easy, effortless skill in front of the camera

Recommended for Acting Jan 24, 2020

Yesmin is very professional, enthusiastic and bubbly co worker that I have worked on the set. She really sparks the set with happiness and positive vibes <3 :)

Recommended for Acting Jan 5, 2020

Yesim is a very enthusiastic individual and a pleasure to work with!

Recommended for Acting Jan 2, 2020

Dearest Yesim, Your energy and your light was hard to ignore. Thank you for you invaluable contribution to our set. You really rose to the occasion even when asked to move around the set and change clothes for different parts. You lifted the standard of the whole room! Thank you for helping me bring my vision to life. I would recommend you 8/7 days of the week! Thank you!

Recommended for Extras Dec 31, 2019