Zachary Denman

Zachary Denman

London, United Kingdom


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Working with Zac was great! I had a lot of fun on the set, the atmosphere was very comfortable and friendly. It made me feel like I was just having a lot of fun with my friends on a day off. The instructions were clear, we were given direction to help us get into the character if we needed. A very good experience and definitely quality time.

Recommended for Casting Apr 1, 2020

I really enjoyed working with Zac, he knows what he wants, he's professional, encouraging, patient and fun.. he would be an asset to any Production. I highly recommend him

Recommended for Photography Mar 18, 2020

Zachary is a professional film director and producer,enjoyed working with him.Highly recommended.

Recommended for Casting Mar 17, 2020

Just a really nice guy and really good director.

Recommended for Camera Crew Mar 17, 2020

Zac was professional, approachable and a pleasure to work under. I was honoured to be involved in a project under him and i hope we can work together again in the nearby future!

Recommended for Casting Mar 17, 2020

I had a great time shooting a music video with Zac. Very friendly and approachable, clear instructions, etc. Looking forward to working together again in the future!

Recommended for Photography Mar 17, 2020

I can't recommend Zac highly enough - He was a total delight to work with. He is focused and knows what he wants to achieve and how to get the best out of his actors. His energy and enthusiasm during the shoot were contagious and I can't wait to work with him again - the results were natural, quirky and great fun!

Recommended for Production Management Mar 11, 2020

The video shoot with Zac was amazing. Stunning video maker. Very easy to work with. I highly recommend Zac for every type of shoot.

Recommended for Photography Mar 3, 2020

Zac is such a great director to work with! Really professional and focused, yet chill and easygoing. Creativity just flow effortlessly, and the final outcome was outstanding. Will recommend him 100% and hope to work with him again soon!

Recommended for Writing or Directing Aug 19, 2019

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It was a great and very fun experience working with Zach and his team - he's very laid back, but at the same time knows exactly what he wants from the shoot. Comms were great from start to finish, and he always made sure that all of us were okay with things (it was a freezing day!). Highly recommended director!

Recommended for Casting Feb 7, 2019

Zachary is very professional and good to work with. I had a great time in the shooting! I look foward to work with him again.

Recommended for Casting Dec 14, 2018

I worked with Zac few years ago and I want to let you know that he’s an amazing and very cool director. I will recommend him to anyone All the best and hopefully see you again sometime. Joelle

Recommended for Casting Dec 12, 2018

Such a nice down to earth guy, I will defiantly work with Zac again

Recommended for Photography Dec 5, 2018

Absolutely loved working with Zachary and his team! They were very professional and organised. The atmosphere was fun, friendly and comfortable! Zac was very encouraging, he had a huge smile on his face and was even dancing along behind the scenes while directing! I would love to work with him again :)

Recommended for Production Management Aug 19, 2018

Great guy to work with, had a fun day

Recommended for Casting Jul 4, 2018

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Zac was a pleasure to work with. He made sure everyone was ok on set at all times and he created a fun comfortable workspace by being so kind and professional. I had a blast working with him!

Recommended for Casting Jul 4, 2018

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Friendly and professional. Had a great day filming on the music video Zac was producing :)

Recommended for Production Management Jun 17, 2018

Writer/director. Focused, courteous, efficient, lots of energy, great communication etc

Recommended for Film & Stage Crew May 24, 2018

Great Director. Extremely talented & Great to work with.

Recommended for Casting Jan 7, 2015

Very easy to work and cooperate with!

Recommended for Casting Oct 31, 2014

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