Zoe Crawford

Actor, Model, Singer, Film producer / Manager

New South Wales, Australia
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Voice samples, Australian accent

Zoe Crawford, voice samples June 2019

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Physical Attributes

170 cm / 5ft 7in
63 kg / 138 lbs
White / Caucasian
Skin color:
Dress size:
UK 10 / AUS 10 / US 6
Eye color:
Hair color:
Hair length:
Hair type:

Credits & experience

  • Anthony Brandon Wong, weekend workshop : Education (Chubbuck technique)
  • Sydney Actors Association, weekly classes : Education (film/TV acting)
  • The Hub Studio: "Anna Houston Theatre Masterclass" : Education (theatre/complicité)
  • MCTV extended casting masterclass : Education (film/TV)
  • MCTV masterclass: 'Leigh Pickford from Maura Fay Casting' : Education (film/TV)
  • The Hub Studio - 'Ben Mathews Film Masterclass' : Education (film/TV)
  • NIDA - 1 year part-time course, 'Actor's Studio' : Education (theatre & film)
  • The National Drama School - 8 week course, 'The Next Stage' : Education (theatre)
  • University of Ballarat Arts Academy : Bachelor of Arts (Acting)


Acting experience

Previous unpaid speaking roles

  • English
  • French

  • Australian
  • Irish
  • UK Cockney
  • UK English
  • UK Posh
  • UK Scottish
  • UK Welsh
  • USA California
  • USA New York
  • USA Southern
  • French
  • German
  • Russian

2020, Reader, 'Sweet Darling Baby Boy' Montague Basement (The Lab Report), Dir. Saro Lusty-Cavallari
2020, Squealer, 'Animal Farm, New Theatre, Dir. Saro Lusty-Cavallari
2020, Metellus Cimber & Lucilius, 'Julius Caesar', Bard on the Beach, Dir. Kyle Rowling
2020, Helena, 'All's Well That Ends Well', Bard on the Beach, Dir. Patricia Rowling
2019, Julia, 'A Delicate Balance', Sydney Classic Theatre Co., Dir. Victor Kalka
2019, Kate Mead, 'Sherlock Holmes & the Ripper Murders', Genesian, Dir. Jess Davis
2019, Tess Thornton, 'The Female of the Species', Lane Cove Theatre Company, Dir. Jess Davis
2018, Elsie Winthrop, 'The Ghost Train', Genesian Theatre, Dir. Stephen Lloyd-Coombes
2018, Student/Prof/Reporter, 'Tyranno Frei', Distortion Forever, Dir. Coco Grainger/Ludwig Van Distortion
2016, Multiple Characters, 'Love and Information', NIDA Production, Dir. Kat Henry
2014, Peta, 'Single Admissions', Milkbar Productions, Dir. Julia Richardson
2013, Gwyn Carwithen, 'Morning Sacrifice', White Oak Theatre Co., Dir. Tracey Gaylard
2013, Multiple Characters, 'Killing Game', Baker’s Dozen, Dir. Robin Thomas
2012, Zoe-bie, 'Zom-Com', Independent Production, Dir. Elsie Coffey
2012, Female Swing Member, 'DRAFT', Baker’s Dozen, Dir. Robin Thomas
2012, Little Edie, 'Top Acts', Self-devised/directed

Films/Short Films:
2019, 'Cheeseburger', Supporting lead, UTS short film, Dir. Moe Luo
2019, 'I Am Woman' (Goalpost Pictures), Featured Extra, Dir. Unjoo Moon
2009, 'The Anecdote', Lead, Dir. Tony Besselink
2009, 'Language Other Than Nature', Supporting lead, self-directed
2009, 'Glitch', Supporting lead, self-directed

2019, 'Why We're Not Friends', Rebecca, Dir. Andrew McGregor

2020, 'Real Life Insurance', Meg, Dir. Aaron Schereck (One3Six)
2019, 'Fitness First: Motivation Alive', Rebecca, Dir. Luke Shanahan (Clockwork Films)
2019, 'GWS', Fan, Dir. Jack Naylor

University Credits:
2012, Mrs. Alfredo, 'The Kitchen', Dir. Justin Martin
2012, Antonia, 'The Tempest', Dir. Kim Durban
2011, Elizabeth Proctor, 'The Crucible', Dir. Ross Hall
2011, Dr Faustus, 'Dr Faustus', Dir. Beng Oh
2010, Scheherazade, 'Arabian Nights', Dir. Kirsten von Bibra

"Some of the standout performances include Squealer (Zoe Crawford) who absolutely steals every scene with her hilarious Julia Gilliard-esque inspired performance…” Olivia Farag reviewing 'Animal Farm'

"As Julia Zoe Crawford captured her characters’ anguish that she is unloved. Hers is a strong performance and she makes the most of being in some of the play’s most dramatic scenes." David Kary reviewing 'A Delicate Balance'

"In the Holmes camp, Crawford easily demonstrates the strongest control over her character and how she wants to portray her, giving a most consistent performance of a character distinct even for a Sherlock Holmes story." Manan Luthra reviewing 'Sherlock Holmes and the Ripper Murders'

"Equally striking is Zoë Crawford as Margot’s daughter, Tess, a fraught mother of three who has been undermined by Margot’s expectations and rejection. Crawford plays Tess with sophisticated insight and poise using carefully timed pauses and comedic timing to reveal even more depth to the character than the words she speaks." Carol Wimmer reviewing 'The Female of the Species'

"Zoe Crawford and John Willis-Richards are Elsie and Richard Winthrop... She is a 1920s feminist, determined and proud and Crawford uses her height and elegance to accentuate the character’s sang-froid." Carol Wimmer reviewing 'The Ghost Train'

"Zoë Crawford’s very attractive and supple soprano voice was a welcome surprise ... She is frankly the best singer in the show..." Holly Champion reviewing 'TYRANNO'


Modeling experience

Beginner, starting out


Vocal ability

Lead singer

Singing styles
  • Pop
  • Classical

Film & Stage Crew

Directing & Writing ability


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